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Resorts Yaremcha Ukraine

Yaremcha – a resort in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine

Another famous resort of Ukraine can be considered as the Carpathians. There are many ski runs, towns, where visitors are always welcome, and everything is prepared for their reception. The most famous resorts in the mountains of the Carpathians considered Bukovel, Yaremcha, Svalyava, Khust, Mizhhiria, Transcarpathia, and many others.

Karpaty Yaremche
Yaremche – a place where built health resorts where rich nature, fresh air and a great climate in themselves will help to improve your health, gain new strength and recharge your optimism during the holidays for the whole year ahead. The resort is situated at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level and not far from Ivano-Frankivsk. Through Yaremcha the river Prut, which originates with Montenegro ranges. Here at the resort, you can choose the optimal location for skiing and go up to 200-meter riser. Closest to Yaremche resorts Bukovel, Dragobrat, Yablunitsa, Vorokhta, also shining snow-covered slopes and groomed slopes, and tourists from Yaremche can easily get here, and a ride on a sled, snowboard or skis.

Winter in Carpathians

Resort Truskavets

The city-resort Truskavets, located in the West of Ukraine, famous for its healing mineral waters, as it was then derive useful underground sources. On the basis of the city’s legends, Truskavets compared with European thermal spas in Baden-Baden, Karlovy Vary, and even the French Vichy. There are legends that once in the source Yuzya girl washed and turned into infants. Since then, here come all those who believe that the source helps restore youth and beauty.

Truskavets resort
Therapeutic mineral water naphtha, which is produced in the resort of Truskavets, is considered useful in case of problems with the kidneys, it washes away the sand from the kidney, normalizes metabolism, displays the body of toxins and radionuclides. Also it let the resort still many waters with different names, each of which performs its healing functions. Some resorts have their own well-room Truskavets in the territory in which anyone can dial clean and healthy water.

Entertainment in Truskavets

In addition to hotels and resorts, which are very much on a resort Truskavets, where in recent years a rapidly growing private sector, so many holidaymakers staying in private houses that they rent or buy. Villas, cottages, mansions in such a beautiful part of the country – it is a very appropriate way to spend your vacation.

Statues in Truskavets
Among the entertainment then you can select restaurants, cafes, as well as museums, theaters, concert hall and there is a water park. For those wishing to recuperate and find beauty in Truskavets has spas. Famous museums can be emphasized, such as the Diocesan, Bilas Museum. Nightlife resort presented a variety of nightlife, the brightest of which are considered X-It, 777, boarding, Millennium, and others.

Sanatorium Truskavets
During holidays in Truskavets full of life, as in other matters, and any other days in the holiday season. On the streets selling souvenirs, strolling photographers offer photos with exotic birds and small animals, live music, singing and dancing. Artists paint portraits of passers-by if they wish. More Truskavets since 1980 has become famous as a health resort of Europe the best, and at the time was considered a resort Truskavets all-Union, entered in the top three famous health resorts.

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History of Truskavets began in the 19th century, when the first premises for the mineral baths were built here. Today, this city is considered one of the best spa resorts, where there are many sanatoriums, health centers, tourist infrastructure is well developed.
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