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Resorts in Goa Best resorts

Resorts in Goa

The region’s population is 1.4 million people. Goa is the smallest of the 28 states of India. Goa offers many opportunities for independent or organized recreation. The entire coast is a great beach. Heading to the beach, you can take a rickshaw, which will drive you wherever you say.

The resorts of Goa there are all kinds of water activities: jet skis, boats, scuba diving, parasailing. Goa is located in the delta of the navigable rivers, the resort is full of natural attractions: the islands, waterfalls, jungles, lakes, agricultural plantations with exotic spices.

Entertainment resorts in Goa

Thanks to its simple and friendly atmosphere created in Goa, Goa appeared young music style – trance. If you like to dance, you will be amazed at the dance party on the beach, where hundreds of thousands of music lovers from around the world to enjoy the sunset, communication, ocean and music. Administrative Goa is divided into two regions – North and South Goa, with its capital – the city of Panaji and the main shopping center – the city of Margao.

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North Goa is relatively cheap, noisy, democratic and the most developed area for tourism. The beaches in the north are very popular among tourists from different income levels, but here come mainly young people who are content with modest terms of placement, fun party and intense nightlife. It hosts international festivals of trance music. North Goa is famous for its abundance of restaurants with excellent seafood cuisine. Interesting places that you can visit:

Arambol – the most peaceful place with endless wild beaches.

Mapusa is a popular spot, located close to the coast and known as the most important trading center of North Goa. At the weekend fairs are held here on holidays – festivals and carnivals.

Anjuna – a legendary place for the Goa resort, this is the famous flea market, which opens on Wednesday. Here you can find anything from Indian souvenirs to collections of European painters.

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Chapora (Juice – center) – the literal translation is hard to find here people from all over the state just going to drink and juice bars, chatting, listening to music and dancing.

Baga – a place for fans of restaurants, cafes, bars – they are an incredible amount. You can rent a bicycle to travel Baga.

Vagator – the perfect place for those who come to Goa resort for the night life. Thousands of fans of trance music is performed here all the free time here.

In the Central Goa Panaji is the capital of the state. It is the most populous (95 thousand people), and the largest city in Goa. Panaji is the commercial, educational and cultural center of the state.

The beaches of North Goa

Baga – the beach is located 10 km west of Mapusa and Calangute beach is a continuation. The beach is famous among tourists for its exotic scenery, excellent restaurants offering local cuisine, night clubs, water sports.

Baga beach

Calangute – the beach is located 16 km from the state capital – Panaji and is the most famous and popular beach due to its long beaches and exotic palm trees, numerous restaurants and shops along the coast.

Candolim – the beach is located 14 kilometers north of the capital city of Panaji and is ideal for those seeking a holiday away from the crowded beaches. On the beach you can enjoy water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing, paragliding, sailing and fishing.

South Goa

South Goa is very different from upstate. The southern coast is more varied and picturesque, is more common representatives of tropical flora and fauna.
South Goa is famous for its incredibly beautiful white sand beaches. The most beautiful beach is Palo, called by locals “beach paradise”. Along the coast grow palm forests, flowers, and water is more transparent than in North Goa.
The southern part of the state is less populated, it is considered more prestigious – is built one of the most expensive hotels in India.

Interesting places that you can visit

Palo beach

Margao – the commercial center and the administrative capital of South Goa. In 1675 there was founded the Church of the Holy Spirit, which today remains one of the most magnificent churches of Goa. With Monte chapel you can enjoy views of the city.

South Goa is the best place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle to spend their vacation in peace and quiet, merge with nature, away from the noisy companies and discotheques. South Goa for you, lovers of a relaxing beach holiday and luxury hotels. You can also visit the largest nature reserve in the resort of Goa – Kotigao.

Varca – Beach impresses with its soft sand, clear waters and exotic coconut trees. Ideal for those seeking peace and true relaxation. Along the coast there are many restaurants offering traditional seafood dishes.

Kavelosim – beach is one of the most famous beaches in India. There are many resorts and luxury hotels. Entertainment offered on Cavelossim – river cruises, sea cruises, dolphin watching in the natural environment.

Calangute beach

Betalbatim – a small, quiet and picturesque beach located 8 km from the commercial center Margao, also known as “beach sunset” because you can often see the incredible beauty of sunsets.

Mobor – a small, beautiful beach, surrounded by coconut trees and beaches and is located south of Colva and Kavelosim, ideal for a relaxing holiday.

Useful information for traveling to Goa resorts

Climate resorts in Goa has only three seasons – hot and very dry season from March to April and May, the temperature reaches 45 degrees. From May to September monsoon season – high temperature and high humidity. The best season to visit in the winter from November to March – when the temperature reaches a maximum of 33 degrees and low humidity.

Hotels in South Goa

Currency – the official currency is the Indian rupee – 1 Rupee = 0.0287 levs.
The official languages are Hindi and English. In a country still use the 17 official languages and 700 local dialects.
Religion – 83% of the population profess Hinduism, 12% – Islam and Buddhism, Sikhism and others.

Indian cuisine is one of the oldest and most popular all over the world. Main dishes are made from a variety of vegetables, fish, rice, dairy products – they are mostly vegetarian, as most Indians do not eat meat.

India is known worldwide for its figurines of silver and bronze souvenirs of sandalwood, silk scarves, Indian tea, cashmere products and curry. Having been to Goa, do not forget to buy some of them, then to show off to family and friends.

Resorts in Goa
Holiday resorts in Goa, the beaches of North Goa, South Goa beaches, entertainment and leisure in Goa, Goa and description of sights. Goa offers many opportunities for independent or organized recreation.
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