Sights of Georgia

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Sights of Georgia

Georgia is the country of mountains and the sun, fine wine and hospitable people. In Georgian the name of the country of Georgia sounds as Sakartvelo and to this country is what to be proud. Sights in it a huge number. It is possible to carry to them not only the Georgian it is possible to call architecture, but also natural monuments and mentality and originality sight too.

Vardziya – history of Georgia

Cave monastic complex of Vardziya – the known monument history and sight of Georgia. It was constructed in the 12th century near Samtskhe-Javakheti. The complex consists from more, than 600 rooms. There are both chapels, and churches, and even refectories, libraries and baths. All this towers over the left coast of the small river of Mtkvari. Initially the sight of Georgia of Vardzio was based as fortress to be protected from aggressors. There were more than 3000 big caves, but today from all greatness of a complex there was only a small part, it is only a third, but it all the same strikes and pleases tourists.

Vardziya's caves

The center of this sight of Georgia it is possible to call the temple cut in rocks. Here on walls in the temple Saints, and also great governors of Georgia are represented: Queen Tamara, her father Georgy the Third. In length the complex was stretched on 900 meters, and deep into buildings leave on 50 meters. In height the majority of them reach about 40 meters. Vardziya can accomodate more than 50 thousand people.

Mtskheta – the ancient capital of Georgia

One more important sight is the ancient capital of Georgia – the town of Mtskheta. At entry into the city it is possible to observe a remarkable panorama at once: on the one hand the wood and mountains, and with another buildings and temples, for example such as: Dzhavari and Svetistskhovelli. The first temple of Georgia — Svetistskhovelli is the main sacred place of the country, and its name is translated as “A life-giving column”.

Sights of Georgia. Mtskheta

The temple in 1010 is built and still is in such look what it was one thousand years ago. Here once there was a tomb of tsars and the brought closer nobility of Georgia, here still there are their tombstones. As for other sight of Georgia – the temple of Dzhavari which is called still Saint Hrest’s cathedral it costs on the high mountain from where the panorama on two majestic rivers which merge in one, and names to them Mtkvari and Aragva opens.

Uplistsikhe’s sight – the cave cities of Georgia

One more known sight of Georgia the rock with man-made caves under the name the city of Uplistsikh is considered. It is near the city of Gori. It is possible to get here having climbed a long tunnel which conducts up.

Uplistsikhe. Sights of Georgia

Once it was a secret passage from the fortified city to the small river. Uplistsikhe’s history began in the second millennium B.C. Then the first cave cities were made. Here inhabitants changed, the belief changed, but the name remained to the same. The name of this sight is translated from Georgian as God’s fortress. Up to now about 150 caves reached, and once they were more than 700.

Alaverdi – pride of Georgia

Sights of Georgia are and whole cities, and certain streets, but generally it is temples and churches, architectural creations. Apparently it, it is possible to tell quite that here the religion long since was very much appreciated and in the majority the country was inhabited by the believing people.

Sights of Georgia. Alaverdi

Alaverdi’s cathedral is considered a shrine of Kakheti and the main sight of the country. It was constructed in the Middle Ages, namely at the beginning of the 11th century. Also it is considered one of the highest buildings of that era. Earlier on the place of the temple there was a small church of Saint Georgy and therefore the modern cathedral still sometimes is called quite so. For more than 10 centuries the construction collapsed aggressors and, subsequently, was restored. Except the cathedral here behind a fortification there is a belltower, the summer palace, a refectory and a fencing. Near Alaverdi’s cathedral there are burials of tsars.

Fortress of Hertvisi – Sight of Georgia

Fortress of Hertvisi

It is possible to refer to sights of Georgia also the fortress of Hertvisi. It is very ancient as existed in the 10th century of our era. It is on the hill which it is possible to call rather rocky and it is the historical region of Meskheti. Fortress in the narrow gorge hid where Mtkvari’s rivers and Paravani merge. One its part is called the Citadel, and another — Lower. The citadel is placed at the head of the mountain, and its other part adjoins it from the East and the South.

Sights of Georgia
Georgia is not only the country of wonderful wines and a bright sun, but also the state with great and ancient history. All this is displayed in sights about which we also will tell today.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 04/03/2016
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