Sights of Norway

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Sights of Norway

Norway is the country about which many myths are put. Many think that if Norway is disposed most closer to the North Pole, then it very cold and on streets polar bears walk up and down here. Actually, in spite of the fact that the country is in Northern Europe, in the summer sometimes temperature can rise to +25 degrees here. To see polar bears, to tourists, probably, after all, it is necessary to visit the island of Spitsbergen which is most close to the North Pole.

Bear northern

Norway wins first place on a standard of living in Europe and does not concede to the southern resorts at all, and also mountain skiing is very well developed here. This country can be considered as the most visited Scandinavian state, it surprises with a variety of the nature, the well-known fjords which can already be considered as sights of Norway. Fjords call beautiful mountain gulfs which in Norway the greatest number.

Fjord Norway

This country absorbed traditions of ancient barbarous tribes of Vikings, it is the country of apple orchards and snow-covered tops, and also the best royal palaces. It is the best of all to have a rest in Norway during the period from May to September, here the nature blossoms at this time and strikes with the uniqueness. And here the capital of the country – Oslo can be visited at all seasons of the year.

Polyariya – sight of the country

In the city of Norway of Tromsyo there is one of sights of the country – the Arctic park of Polyariya. The park was created in 1997 and is part of the Polar research center. The building is built in the form of ice blocks, inside there are aquariums with inhabitants of the North Sea, for example Barents. There is a model of the coast over which the Polar lights rise, and also the panoramic movie theater is located here.

Polyariya Arctic park

Here among animals there are so-called sea hares who in scientific terminology are called seals-lakhtakhami. They very clever and also are not afraid at all of people therefore visitors like to watch them. Having visited this sight of Norway, you will have an opportunity to watch the panoramic movie at movie theater and to make an air trip by helicopter over coast of Spitsbergen which is the biggest archipelago Svalbard. The shop at the museum will offer tourists for memory exclusive souvenirs.

Bergensky cathedral – an architectural instruction of Norway

Other sight of Norway which is in the city of Bergen is the Bergensky cathedral. This Lutheran cathedral is in the northwest of the city. Near this cathedral during government of the king Haakon the Sixth the Franciscan man’s monastery was built. In the 12th century about the temple mentioned as Saint Olaf’s church, and in the middle of the 16th century after numerous the fires, the temple had to be reconstructed. The fires pursued this building rather often and in the 17th century even after two fires at the next detuning replaced a spike on a roof with a tower.

Cathedral in Bergen

Still in a wall of a cathedral there is a gun kernel which got there to time of the Anglo-Dutch war. The architect Christian Cristi in 1880 created the project on which style of an interior of a cathedral of rococo was remade and the cathedral received the same shape what it had in the Middle Ages. Today in this building concerts of an organ music are also held.

Gudvagen’s caves – natural sight of Norway

Gudvagen cave

Gudvagen’s caves are one more sight of Norway. Gudvagen is a small village in Nereyfyord’s gorge among rocks. The well-known caves are in the mountain Anortosit, them still call Magic. Mountains became famous for the whole world for the fact that became the most large-scale deposit of an anortozit, white rock which is present at the moon. Irrespective of a season in caves average temperature from 8 degrees Celsius keeps. Excursions in a cave it is carried out only in special clothes: jackets and helmets.

For tourists in a cave carpet paths are laid, and labyrinths bring tourists to slightly halls, various by the size, and carpet paths considerably facilitate movement along cave corridors. Tourists can also sit in the bar where everything is made of a stone, and benches are laid by cervine skins.

Sights of Norway
Norway though is most closer to the North Pole, in the summer here temperature can rise to +25 degrees Celsius. Picturesque fjords, mountains and caves - all this natural sights of the country which are combined with beautiful architecture of its cities are well-known.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 03/31/2016
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