Sights of Macedonia

Sights of Macedonia Places to Go

Sights of Macedonia

Macedonia – a heavenly spot in the center of the Balkans. Annually here millions of tourists from all Europe come to rest. They are attracted by a huge number of interesting sights, picturesque valleys and crystal-clear lakes.

The city of Ohrid – the center of the Balkans

City of Ohrid

Highlight of any trip to Macedonia is rest in the city of Ohrid. This city full of sights has indescribable beauty, and also rich history and culture. Crystal-clear waters of the nearby lake, made the city the real magnet for tourists and vacationers from all Macedonia. Thousand-year picturesque churches, cathedrals and other ancient religious monuments do to Ohrid by the most important orthodox center of the Balkans and spiritual heart of Macedonia. Near the city one more sight called by tourists “The lake of lovers” is located. Such name got the lake thanks to the silent and cozy arrangement with beautiful views of the city. For this reason here loving couples and just wishing to have a rest from daily vanity walk.
It is interesting to know that Ohrid is one of the oldest cities of Europe and it is entirely entered in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO.

The city museum – historical sight of Macedonia

City museum of Macedonia

In the city of Skopje (the capital of Macedonia) there is a set of interesting historical places, but the central sight is the City museum. First of all he can brag of a variety of unique artifacts and jewelry of ancient eras. The special attention should be paid to a main entrance in the museum, more precisely to hours which hang over an entrance: shooters always show 05:17 – time of an awful earthquake of 1938. These hours hung earlier in the station which the City museum stands still now.
If history of Macedonia is interesting to you, then the sight the City museum is the best choice.

Old market – the integral sight of Macedonia

Old market of Macedonia

It is known that the Old market is the most known and popular tourist sight of Macedonia. An old market full of various shops with extreme abundance of goods which attract tourists from all corners of the world. On the Old market of Skopje you can freely communicate with locals and even to bargain with them. Trust or not, but here it is possible to find anything: from strong Turkish tea to fine sculptures of small forms from tin (very popular in Macedonia).
Trade nevertheless is not primary activity of locals. That to sell something, it is necessary to have it “something”. So, most of residents of this beautiful city is engaged in manufacturing footwear; bake various delicacies like cakes, rolls, cookies. Then the production or is handed over in the relevant shops or realize the goods on the Old market of Macedonia. The old, narrow, paved ulichka, in combination with Ottoman architecture, shop even more pleasant, and time flies so soon that you can not notice as quickly there passed day. The main reason of popularity of a market convenient location on a joint of East and Western culture is considered, and centuries-old history of this sight of Macedonia once again emphasizes importance of visit of the Old market.

Macedonia. Classical Amphitheater

Macedonia. Classical Amphitheater

Classical Amphitheater – the most ancient sight of Macedonia which was constructed in Okhrida more than 2000 years ago. Initially there took place performances, public statements and oratory competitions. It is interesting to know that during the Roman era the sight began to be used as the arena for carrying out bloody fights. And only centuries later the decision to return sights initial mission was made. Thus, Macedonia found again the ancient amphitheater which is now used only for performances at summer festivals with performances. Surely visit this fine sight of Macedonia.

Saint Kliment and Panteleymon’s temple. Macedonia

Saint Kliment and Panteleymon's temple

Without this sight it is impossible to imagine Macedonia. Earlier Saint Kliment and Panteleymon’s Temple was the place where students of spiritual university learned the Sacred writing and for the first time in Macedonia translated texts of the Bible into old Slavic. Visit of the temple is an integral part of spiritual life of all believing residents of Macedonia. The sight enjoys special popularity not only among believers and tourists, but also persons interested to look at an ancient mosaic of the temple. At one of such mosaics there is a swastika, more precisely old Indo-Aryan a sun symbol which fascists appropriated.
Many, having visited this sight of Macedonia, do not find in it anything special, mistakenly claiming that it is the usual temple. But we that know that for the best understanding of the importance and importance of the most ancient mosaics, artifacts and icons, it was necessary to use services of the guide who would show everything and told. So do not repeat errors of others, take the guide, and you will be delighted with what was seen and told about this sight.

The lakes Uterus – popular sight of Macedonia

Lakes Uterus

You want to have a rest in a quiet situation, to gain strength and energy? Then the lake Uterus will be the best choice. It is better to go to these places of Macedonia in the spring or in the summer. The divinely beautiful nature and crystal-clear water of this sight are ideally suited for a relaxation and renewal of forces. And for all comers adrenaline and new feelings, there is an opportunity to be engaged in extreme tourism, rock-climbing or to open secrets of local caves on an abrupt canyon near the lake, by the way, of one of the most popular in Macedonia. So to solve to you: to have a rest at the lake or to receive extreme feelings on a canyon.

Sights of Macedonia
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Date Published: 04/03/2016
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