Sights of Montevideo

Sights of Montevideo Places to Go

Sights of Montevideo

You wish to go to travel across Montevideo, but you do not know what sights to visit? Then our article for you! We will tell you what to begin with the tour across the capital of Uruguay and what places to visit. Also are applied to article a selection of photos of Montevideo.

The national museum of history – the known sight of Montevideo

National museum of history

Perhaps, this best place to start travel across Montevideo, here you will be able to get acquainted with history of the capital and it is correct to plan the round. The national museum is located near the Old city in one of the oldest structures of Montevideo. The main building of sight is covered with an unusual octagonal dome. Because of it it is considerably distinguished from usual structures of the city. It also does the museum by an excellent reference point for the tourist. Here the best examples of rich historical heritage of the country are presented. The sight holds a specific place in life of any Uruguayan, in the same building of the museum there lived Fructuoso Rivera – the first president of Uruguay, the famous political and military figure. He was on the president’s post three times, and made a lot of things for the country. For it in the museum the place of honor is taken away. The ancient sight attracts a huge number of tourists from around the world. For most of guests of the capital the National museum of history is part of round on sights of Montevideo.

The port market Mercado del-Puerto – unique sight of Montevideo

This sight takes the major place in capital life. Historically it developed so that in development the port turned into one of the biggest markets in the region. Since 1868 its history began. Huge rates restaurants and cafe were under construction here. The port market Montevideo gradually grew and gained popularity among tourists. Abundance of meat food and fish products glorified it to all Uruguay. To eat meat dishes the tourist should lay out 10-15 dollars though in any Montevideo cafe it is possible to eat perfectly and for 5. Confidential recipes of various meat dishes attract millions of tourists. Sellers say that most meat delicacies were fallen in love by Slavs. Tourists very much like Mercado del-Puerto.

The palace of legislators – refined sight of Montevideo

Palace of legislators. Montevideo

It is one of the most impressive architectural masterpieces of the capital of Uruguay. The magnificent palace is built at the beginning of the 20th century in neoclassical style with original architectural concept of a facade. As envisioned by architects, each party of sight symbolizes one of parts of the world. Also the palace is decorated with big bronze sculptures that the embodiment of the Right, Justice, Science and Work are. At night, by the light of searchlights it looks just extremely. But tourists of Montevideo are impressed most of all not by(with) a facade of sight, and a magnificent interior. It is possible to call it a work of art. Rich registration from gold, silver and marble attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. Excursions walk on sight only in English and Spanish therefore you should learn foreign before a trip to Montevideo.

Sight Independence Square – pride of Montevideo

One of the most popular and visited places of Montevideo is the Independence Square. This not only excellent vacation spot, but also center of the best architectural monuments of the capital of Uruguay. For tourists the area is a good reference point and the place from where it is possible to go further on sights of Montevideo which visit is included into any tour across the capital of Uruguay.

Syyudad-Vyekh – the district of Montevideo full of sights

Syyudad-Vyekh. Montevideo

Syyudad-Vyekh’s region located in the Old city is known to tourists for the ancient buildings, cobbled streets, entertainments, fine rest, fun and a positive for a long time. Visitors visit this unique place of Montevideo not so much for the sake of sights how many for the sake of positive emotions. Daily on cobbled streets there take place speeches of dancers and amateur actors, and improvisation of local musicians already became a constant component of performances. Exhibitions of artists directly on streets became also good tradition. Enjoys wide popularity such services of artists as writing of your portrait and a list of parts of a body. Syyudad-Vyekh’s region is not just known tourist sight, but the main center of free creativity of Montevideo.

Sights of Montevideo
This article narrates about the main sights of Montevideo. Information is pleasantly issued by photos.
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Date Published: 04/09/2016
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