Sights of Paris

Sights of Paris Places to Go

Sights of Paris

Probably, any person will answer a question what it associates Paris with. Everyone knows that symbols and the hallmark of the capital of France is the Eiffel Tower, the Triumphal arch, Louvre and the Champs Elys?e. Each sight of Paris has the history, the destiny.

Sight of Paris – Notre Dame

Parisian Mother of God

One of the known sights which is often mentioned in prose and poems is Notre Dame de Paris. It began to be under construction in 1163 when Ludovic 7 French governed. Construction was complete approximately by 1196, and continued to complete a cathedral during this period only on the main facade. The main altar of a cathedral was consecrated in 1182, in 1200 construction of a back pediment began, and in 1250 the building was built. Internal finishing as a separate type of works on a decor came to the end by 1315. Construction of towers came to the end only in 1245, and completely all cathedral was constructed in 1345.
In French the name of a cathedral sounds as Notre Dame de Paris, the architect Jean de Chel who worked on design and operated construction from 1250 to 1265 is considered his creator. With it one more talented architect who was called Pierre de Montreille together worked on creation of a great cathedral. He finished works, and worked on creation of Notre Dame till 1267. Say that except two known names about which we hear and today the great number of other designers as different parts of the building differ from each other on style worked on creation of a cathedral. This versatility in styles grants the right to observe the Romance current of Normandy, and also influence of Gothic style in registration of a facade and internal finishing.

Sight of Paris – the Triumphal arch

Triumphal arch at Etual Square

The Triumphal arch is considered one more sight of Paris that towers in the center of Zvezdy Square. It is considered the grandiose project of Jean Francois Chalgrin and an official symbol of Paris. The construction of 30 years was under construction and 10 million francs were allocated for works. As envisioned by Napoleon the arch had to symbolize force of imperial army and power. Construction of the Triumphal arch was complete by 1836 when the governor was not alive any more and he was buried on Elena’s island.
From outer side the arch is decorated with sculptures, and with internal – on it names of battles, names of generals are beaten out. In 1920 the Eternal flame in memory of the unknown soldier was lit here that died at World War I. And in 1970 the square on which the symbol of the capital of France is constructed received the double name Charles De Gaulle Square – Etual. Such name was appropriated to it after death of the famous general.

Sight of Paris – the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is considered the most known sight of Paris. It is located opposite to Yensky Bridge through Seine, on the Field of Mars. The tower to the World Fair in memory by 100th anniversary of Revolution was under construction, began to erect it in 1889. The local creative elite scarified the Eiffel Tower and in 1909, it is ready to be born. The decision was cancelled when the government considered that it can be a good platform for antennas. In the east from a tower there is a lawn where today political meetings are held and just the youth gathers.
For tourists on a tower there are three, open for visit, level. It is simpler to use ladders from South side to climb up the first and second platforms as near elevators here often there are big turns. From a tower the beautiful view of the city opens. Construction height more than 300 meters, each 7 years is carried out renovation here, for its coloring use 60 tons of paint of three shades. More than 10 thousand people can be on a tower at the same time. Except that there is a service for tourists, the construction is used for a TV broadcast, broadcasting, used as station for a weather service. More than 6 million people a year visit a tower.

Sight of Paris – the Disneyland

Sight of Paris - the Disneyland

Except Louvre known to us and Latin quarter, quite bright sight of Paris it is possible to call the Disneyland. It was open on July 17, 1955, it is considered the country of fairy tales and imaginations, is opened to feel for all comers carefree, to return to the world of the childhood. Walt Disney was visited by idea to create the unique amusement park in which both children and adults will be able to have fun together where there will be only one entrance and not similar on one other park attractions, unique around the world.
Tickets in the Disneyland are on sale both on one, and for several days as the park cannot be bypassed completely in several hours. The Disneyland is in 32 km from Paris, in the summer it works from 9 in the morning to 11 in the evening, in the winter from 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening. The tickets acquired in park are valid within a year. The special line of the RER subway in 40 minutes will take you directly to an entrance to the Disneyland. It is possible to tell about Paris and its sights for a long time, but there is nothing better, than to visit this beautiful city and to see everything with own eyes.

Sights of Paris
Paris invites everyone to see the Champs Elys?e, Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Disneyland. To walk on small streets by a hand with darling, to stand on the bridge over Seine and to drink coffee early in the morning on the Eiffel Tower.
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Date Published: 03/31/2016
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