Triumphal Arch in Paris

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Triumphal Arch in Paris

Paris – the most beautiful city in all of Europe. This name he received because of its historical and cultural attractions. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre (the largest museum, built by human hands), the palace of Louis XIV, the Pantheon (which few people know). But the most famous and beautiful building in Paris and it is considered to be the hallmark of the Arc de Triomphe. This attraction reminds the world the victory of one of the greatest generals of the world – Napoleon Bonaparte.

The history of the Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

The idea of construction of the arch appeared in 1806, after several high-profile victories of Napoleon (Battle of Ulm, Austerlitz, the German occupation and the expansion of the territory of France). Arch symbolizes the invincibility of the “gold” of the emperor’s army. The author of the project is considered by Jean-Fran?ois Chalgrin. It was he who laid the foundation of the arch. But after his death, the plan for the construction and decoration “monument” has changed more than once. After the erection of the arch Chalgrin takes a lot of architects and everyone wanted to leave on a stately building his “imprint”.

Construction began on August 15, 1807. The very construction was interrupted several times because of the military situation and political situations.

1814 was the end of Napoleon’s reign, but the construction of the arch was not completed. After the return of the Bourbon dynasty, the erection of the arch, which was to glorify the first and the last emperor of France, has been discontinued. Construction resumed only after eight years. Now arch was supposed to symbolize the victory of the French Republic on the Spanish kingdom. But in 1830 it was decided that the building should symbolize the greatness and courage of the French army during the Napoleonic military and independent Republic. July 29, 1836 construction finally completed and held grandiose opening.

Arc de Triomphe

After Napoleon’s death, his ashes were brought from the place of its conclusion (St. Helena) and solemnly was driven under the arch. The same honor was awarded to all known French (Victor Hugo, Ferdinand Foch, Joseph Joffre, Philippe Leclerc and others).

Architecture Arc de Triomphe

The height of the Arc de Triomphe is 50 meters, width – 45 meters. The very structure has a central passage, and on the south and north side has one narrow opening. The Arc de Triomphe is decorated with five-meter sign, which bas “tell” us about the great deeds and the victories of the French army commanded by Napoleon. Also on the arch you can see the list of the thirty largest battles of the Imperial Army.
At the top of the construction is an observation deck, which is visited by tourists every day. Also in the arch there is a small museum where you can learn the history of the construction of arches.

Paris Arc de Triomphe

In 1920 there was built the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. On the Tomb is the inscription: “Here lies a soldier who gave his life for the motherland, 1914-1919.” It was this memorial to remind the French of all the horrors of war. In 1986 the arch of one hundred and fifty years. After so many years its condition has deteriorated walls hid the cracks between stone slabs joints were visible large openings. To prevent accidents, walkways were hung on a special grid. After a long analysis, experts found out that the cause of the deterioration of the state of the arch are the atmospheric pollution and the ravages of rain. To rescue measures have been taken, “the symbol of France”: the restoration of sculptures, the injection of concrete, filling the space between the stone and marble slabs. The entire restoration cost the state budget of tens of millions of francs. Fully arch was restored in the late 1990s.


Arc de Triomphe – a historic landmark, which must see. She – a national treasure, not only France but also the entire world. It is already more than a century tells us of the great events that made history of the modern world.

So, if you want to go to Paris, you just have to look at the Arc de Triomphe (the most magnificent structure of France’s history).

Triumphal Arch in Paris
Interesting article on the Arc de Triomphe - one of the most famous attractions of Paris. Useful information about the architecture and history of the wonderful facilities of the XIX century.
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