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United Arab Emirates Attractions

United Arab Emirates – a country in Southwest Asia, consisting of seven emirates, ie individual city-states with absolute monarchy. The capital of Abu Dhabi. The largest city – Dubai. Population – more than 8 million people. The overwhelming majority – Sunni Muslims. Official language – Arabic. Also distributed English, Hindi and Farsi. Currency – Dhs.

The bulk of the country is occupied by sandy and rocky deserts, but there are also oases with palm trees. The coast is washed by the Persian and Oman Gulfs; It found numerous coves, islands and coral reefs. The climate is dry, rolling from tropical to subtropical. The best time to travel from October to May.

The favorable geographic location since ancient times contributed to the development of trade between the UAE and Eastern civilizations. Throughout its history, the state is not just to conquer the eastern and western colonialists. The independence of the country has received only in December 1971.

UAE is often called the “pearl” of the East, or heavenly oasis. This is due both to climatic conditions and architectural masterpieces. That there is the highest skyscraper in the world “Burj Khalifa”. Also popular singing fountain in Dubai and Palm Jumeirah artificial island.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque – a snow-white mosque in the United Arab Emirates; among the six largest Islamic temple in the world. Located in Abu Dhabi, and is open for public visits. This mosque is distinguished by impeccable design and prohibitive luxury.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, United Arab Emirates

Its construction involved the sheikhs of the world, it is not surprising that she beat some world records. Namely, in the mosque dedicated to Sheikh Zayed (founder and first president of the UAE), is the largest carpet in the world and the biggest gilded chandelier with jewels. There are not so many architectural masterpieces, which would be equal to the level of luxury with this marble mosque.

Building Sheikh Zayed Mosque began in 1996 and lasted a little more than 10 years. The grand opening took place in 2007 and was timed to coincide with Ramadan. Soon the Ministry of Tourism ordered a free tour of the mosque for people non-Muslim faith. During the excursions you can learn a lot about the history of Islam and the architectural features of this grand building.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Total mosque can accommodate up to 40 thousand people. Its height is 115 meters spiers, and the biggest carpet of the world, which can be seen in one of the halls of the mosque, weighs 47 tons and covers more than 5,000 m². The chandelier, which will certainly want to see tourists Abu Dhabi, covered with Swarovski crystals and weighs over 12 tons. These are the main characteristics of the delights of the temple. White marble for construction was imported from Italy, and the layout belongs to American engineers.

This is not the only and not the last building, dedicated to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Local people deeply revere their “founding father” and are trying to perpetuate his name. The most beautiful bridge and the largest football stadium in Abu Dhabi is also dedicated to this legendary figure.

Many people mistakenly believe that the mosque was built to demonstrate the lavish lifestyle of the local population and to attract tourists. In fact, it is the personification of deep respect and gratitude to Sheikh Zayed, to unite the poor Bedouin principality into one powerful country. By the way, he was buried here after his death.

Getting to this “monument to the man,” You can take a taxi or bus from the bus station Abu Dhabi. The nearest stop to the mosque – Zayed Mosque.

Hotel Burj Al Arab

Hotel Burj Al Arab – the most luxurious hotel in the world; incredible miracle of engineering in the form of a giant sail off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This hotel means much more than just an architectural landmark. He is a recognized symbol of Dubai and across the country.

Hotel Burj Al Arab

This is no ordinary rooms, but only a two-level suites, each of which covers hundreds of square meters. The level of comfort in the Burj al-Arab is estimated at seven stars, and he is one of a kind. The concept of creating a unique “sail” belongs to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. As the ruler of Dubai, he wanted off the coast of the city waving the grandest sail.

Geographically hotel is located on an artificial island, which is connected to the coast, “Jumeirah Beach” protected overpass. Distance to the airport – about 25 km. The total height of the hotel is just over 300 m. Accommodation includes 202 rooms are very superior. The smallest room – nearly 200 square meters. m, and the largest – about 800 square meters. m. The hotel lots of restaurants. Tourists can visit this attraction as part of an organized tour.

At the entrance of all meets the unique design staircase fountain, surrounded on both sides of escalators and beautiful aquariums. Escalator raises guests in the lobby, where you can get in some restaurants or by an elevator on the floor above. In addition to the cafes and restaurants, the hotel has indoor and outdoor pools, a private sandy beach, sauna, SPA-salon, a fitness center, a court, a banquet hall, etc. Bored, apparently, guests do not have to.

Cafe in Hotel Burj Al Arab

The construction of such an ambitious project on an artificial island was an incredible breakthrough in the field of engineering and architecture. The fact that the island has such a complicated structure that is capable of protecting the hotel from wind and storm water tides. It is supported by 250 columns underground himself.

Its luxurious amenities Burj Al Arab is obliged Quan Chu – a designer with a capital letter. It was her idea to decorate the hotel belongs to crystal tons, the highest standard of gold, velvet, silver thread and other luxurious utensils. She planned the layout and design of fountains, aquatic niche and truly royal rooms.

Most restaurants operate from 12 pm, but there are those that are open from 7am for breakfast. Excellent panoramic views of the Gulf and “Palm Jumeirah” is opened from the Al Muntaha restaurant windows.

Island Palm Jumeirah

Island Palm Jumeirah – an artificially created island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Palm part of the Islands. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is shaped like a palm-tree, and surrounded by a 11-kilometer-long breakwater in the shape of a crescent.

Island Palm Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates

Widespread publicity he received thanks to the unique hotel “Atlantis”, located on the top of a palm tree. Despite the fact that the Palm Jumeirah occupies a vast territory (5×5 km), it is considered to be the smallest in the archipelago of the three “Palm” islands.

By creating this island, the designers had originally planned to build on it a series of luxurious hotels, malls, villas, etc. Today, the archipelago of more than 20 luxury yachts, clubs, theme parks and entertainment centers. On the stem and branches are located multi-storey building with excellent sea views.

Island Palm Jumeirah

The initiator of the construction of this masterpiece was Sheikh Mohammed. With the Arabic name of the island translates as “crown of palm trees.” On the mainland it joins the 300-meter bridge. In turn, a crescent breakwater associated with the palm of the underwater tunnel. On monorail ride from the hotel “Atlantis”.

Due to the fact that the success of the island, palm trees proved to be very contagious in the future plan to create a few more of these “trees” in Dubai. By the way, the warm waters of the Persian Gulf off the coast of Jumeirah attract like a magnet water sports enthusiasts, especially divers. Especially for them around the archipelago created an artificial strip of reefs.

“Atlantis” Hotel

Hotel Atlantis, Dubai

“Atlantis” Hotel – a hotel complex on the artificial island Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It features huge size, unusual architecture and high level of comfort. Decorated arches, intricate arches and spiers of the hotel building looks like a palace of Sheikh.

Hotel project was inspired by the legend of Atlantis, hence the enormous size. It covers more than 45 hectares of land, 17 of which are reserved for themed water park.

Hotel Atlantis

In addition to the 1539 luxurious rooms, the hotel more than 15 restaurants, a huge entertainment and shopping center, a SPA-center and fitness club. However, the most interesting part of the complex – an artificial ecosystem that contains more than a hundred species of marine flora and fauna, typical for this region.

“Atlantis” was built in 2008 and immediately became the most unique and ambitious Dubai hotel. Geographically, it is situated about 25 km from the international airport, on the very top of the Palm Jumeirah. Getting to your destination can be either on the monorail from the mainland, either through an underwater tunnel with a 6-band movement. Both ground and underground subway arrives directly to the hotel.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall – one of the largest marketplaces in the world, located in the UAE. According to some reports, it is the largest shopping mall in the world, as well as the tower, to which it is adjacent – Burj Khalifa. Once in Dubai, every traveler is sure to want to visit the center.

Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates

Area attractions more than 1 million square meters. Geographically, it is located in “the most prestigious square kilometer of the world”, in a newly built Downtown Dubai. Under the roof of the shopping center easily fit 1,200 stores, many of which belong to well-known brands, children’s entertainment center area of 8,000 m², one of the largest aquariums in the world, more than 20 theaters, an ice rink and many other attractions.

No card in the Dubai Mall, you can just get lost. Indoor Aquarium center is included in the Guinness Book of Records. There are more than 33 thousand of fish and marine animals. Hits record, and the “gold market” center. Such a large number of products from white, pink, yellow gold anywhere else in the world does not see. Molly adjoins a luxury five-star hotel and parking for 14,000 cars.

Dubai Mall

A hectare is reserved for store of sweets and candies. The real paradise for children. Moreover, they have an extensive entertainment and educational center KidZania and theme park SEGA Republic. “Fashion Island” takes more than 40 thousand square meters. It focused boutiques with collections from the world’s most famous fashion designers.

An innovation was the creation of “Grove” – the only mall area, located on the outside, but covered with a sliding Kryzhi. Thus, visitors can enjoy shopping in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature. Here there are cafes, restaurants and recreational areas. Rink shopping center is truly Olympian sizes. It is used not only for driving on ice, but also for various events.

Dubai Mall is easy to find, located in Dubai. This is a huge peach-colored building, designed in the style of modern architecture. It encircles the musical fountain Burj Khalifa and rests on the territory of the famous skyscraper. On the subway ride to be on the red line to the joint station Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall.

Singing Fountain in Dubai

Singing Fountain in Dubai

Singing Fountain in Dubai – a musical fountain in the center of Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the foot of the largest skyscraper in the world. This is one of the tallest and most beautiful fountains in the world, which is often referred to as “the eighth wonder of the world.” Truly a fabulous work of art of outstanding engineers and architects of our time.

This extravaganza of water, color and music will not leave indifferent even the most demanding tourists. Artificial lake in which a fountain, occupies more than 30 acres and is illuminated with thousands of colored lights. The height of its streams reaches a height of 50-storey building. Against the backdrop of a giant Burj Khalifa, it looks particularly spectacular. A second upward raised 83 tons of water, which the jet under the influence of color and smoke effects take incredible shape.

Singing Fountain (Dubai)

Light show fountains can be seen from any point of the lake, as well as standing near the building. Dubai has long been a place for the Centre of the record include the largest skyscraper, the largest man-made island, the largest aquarium, etc. Singing Fountain Burj Khalifa in this sense, it is no exception. The scale and cost, it occupies the first place among the record of musical fountains in the world.

Submission for which tourists go to the United Arab Emirates Dubai Downtown, begins daily at 18.00 and is repeated every 30 minutes, but with different songs. Close to midnight, “dancing” fountain coming to an end. To get to the attractions can be on the subway red line to the station Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall, or by bus to the stop Dubai Mall Terminus.

United Arab Emirates Attractions
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