US Airlines will start regular flights to Cuba in late summer

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regular flights to Cuba

American Airlines intend to resume regular flights to Cuba for a month. Regular flights have been banned for decades because of the tension in relations between the US and Cuba – were made only charter flights to holiday resorts.

First to fly to Cuba is going to low-cost airline JetBlue, which offers tickets for $ 99 one way from Fort Lauderdale to Santa Clara. During the autumn, it also plans to open flights to several other regional airports in Cuba. In addition, she is going to arrange the Cuban American citizens visa for $ 50 right at the time of check-in.

Silver Airways will be released on the same route from September 1, and American Airlines the world’s largest airline will fly from September 7, five Cuban airports from Miami. No US carrier has not yet said flights to Havana, the capital, although such rights have been obtained by several airlines.

For passengers with a US visa, flight to Cuba by the United States in some cases it may be cheaper direct flight. It is likely that the majority of the Cuban flight will depart from Florida, which is home to most of the Cuban exiles, but the plans of some companies has flights to and from other cities – such as New York.

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