Attractions Finland

Attractions Finland Places to Go

Attractions Finland

Finland – a country in northern Europe, which is one of the most popular and most visited countries in Europe. The official languages are Finnish and Swedish here, beautiful nature attracts people, the country’s attractions to help learn more about the history and culture of Finland. Going to Finland in the winter, you can go back to childhood and meet Santa Claus skiing in the local resorts, fishing from May to September.

The archipelago of Turku – Finland Landmark

Turku archipelago

Southwest Finland can be called the center of the ancient history, here are the islands and the sea. Here it is one of the main attractions of the Finnish archipelago of Turku, which is called the pearl necklace of 20 thousand islands with green vegetation and small rocky islands and reefs. All of them are drawn near the ancient capital of Finland – Turku, which is now the cultural and economic center of the country. The archipelago is called the land of the Turk, that sounds like Turunmaa and Archipelago Sea called Saarisomeri.

In the world there are no analogues of the attractions of Finland, this archipelago is unique. Here nature is very different from the mainland. The islands can be found flat rocks and steep cliffs. The cliffs are reminiscent of the glacier, which was located here in ancient times. Having been on one of these islands, you will surprise flower meadows, green trees, the colors of nature. The sea is bright blue summer, it appears white in the winter.

Valley Mumm-Troll in Finland

House Mumm-Troll

A good option to rest in Finland with the children is the Valley Mumm-Troll, which also can be considered a landmark in the country. It is located at Kyle island and occupies its entire territory. This attraction is located off the coast of Finland, the city of Naantali, which is located 16 kilometers from Turku. To the island is accessible via a footbridge.

Valley Mumm-Troll Finland

Valley Mumm-Troll was established as the epitome of heroes tales of Tove Jansson, Finnish author. It organized a real fairy tale for children 5-7 years and their parents. Since Mumm-Trolls hibernate in the winter, the valley hosts in the summer. Sometimes it opens in the winter when the kids are on vacation. Here in the valley you can see many of the places described in the book Jansson. Here you can see the blue-Mumm house, yellow house Hemul, which houses a collection of butterflies and plants. There is also a Frigate of Mumm-dads, swimming pool, hut witches from the Magical Forest. You can see Hattifattener cave fire station.

Characters tales that delight tourists walking around the valley, which is a landmark in Finland, it is Little My, Sniff, Miss Snork and, of course, Snusmumrik. Also, here you can find the most Mumm-Troll, Mumm-mom, dad and Mumm-join their lives. Characters show scenes tales, they can be photographed, as well as the park runs a summer theater Emma.

Santa Claus Village – the main attraction of the country

Santa Claus Village

One of the most famous sights in Finland who dream to visit many of the children of neighboring countries and travel to they want to give their children the parents, is the Santa Claus Village and Santa Park. The village is located 8 kilometers from the city of Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland province. In the Finnish Santa Claus, or our Santa Claus is called Joulupukki, so this village in the Finnish village called Joulupukki.

The village did not appear by accident. One day the widow of one of the US presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, decided to visit the home of Santa Claus, knowing that she is somewhere near Rovaniemi. Especially for her arrival in 1950 in this area we set the hut, and it has been preserved to our time. The village began to come to visit everyone visiting Santa Claus, the village began to gain popularity and soon become a real center for winter entertainment and a real fairy-tale village.

Top view of Santa's Village

Local myths say that a hundred years ago, someone started to spread rumors that a cave located near Ear Mountain or Korvatunturi live elves, Santa Claus and his wife, as well as the Christmas reindeer. Santa Claus moved closer to the people so that no one could find his true home. And now everyone can whisper in his ear his wish for the New Year, take a stroll through the village with a lot of interesting places.

Attractions Finland
Finland winter invites you to spend your holidays to those who believe in the fairy tale who loves skiing, he wants to meet with Santa Claus wants to enjoy the beauty of the local countryside and visit local entertainment venues and historical monuments.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 03/27/2016
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