Mar del Plata – Argentina

Mar del Plata - Argentina Best resorts

Mar del Plata - Argentina

The most famous resort on the Atlantic coast of Argentina is Mar del Plata. It is a popular resort among foreigners and natives. If we compare the number of residents and the number of tourists, the ratio is – 10 tourists accounted for one local resident. Holidaymakers will find a lot of fun and amazing experiences.

Crowds of tourists attracted by a variety of shows and performances, the Argentine temperament. Many places of interest can be visited at the resort, most of which are associated with water and the ocean – and it shows with dolphins, seals, sharks, and the performance of aquatic acrobats, and a water park with rides, inside which there is also a zoo. It offers guests hundreds of restaurants that are open all year round.


A special place in Mar del Plata takes the old port. Everything is furnished in the style of XVII-XIX centuries. On the territory of the port also has a specific hotel on the water with cozy cabins instead of rooms, a tavern with a pirate rum, wine in barrels, dishes of fish and algae and incendiary dancers.

There is also a well-known fifth pier, where there is a large sports complex, which sometimes receives international competitions.

But the main attraction of the resort, it is of course, the beach, which stretches for 17 kilometers. It a lot of people day and night. There are beaches for surfers, romance, family, fishing and even a nudist beach. Along the coast there are about six hotels that can satisfy the most refined tastes. Its guests they offer trips on the boat, jet skis, catamarans and yachts. For fans of extreme sports – racing on off-road vehicles, underwater hunting, flying on hang-glider over the ocean, surfing, skydiving.

Mar del Plata dolphin shows
In Mar del Plata there is a large zoo with local wild animals – llamas, sloths, armadillos, monkeys and ostriches.

For tourists, the resort offers a visit to the museum of sea shells from around the world, which is more than 30 000 species. It will also be interesting to admire the old architecture of the city.

It is difficult to enumerate all the things that you can see, hear, smell and touch in Mar del Plata. But still try to add to the above bike tours in the mountains, visits to the rookery of seals, rock climbing school, several golf clubs, some of which international tournaments are held.

Do not forget to include in the description of the nightlife of Mar del Plata. Dance clubs, night clubs, casinos, bars, bingo that lure customers with bright lights.

Mar del Plata souvenirs

The holiday season is here spend touring famous artists., Hosts the annual film festival, beauty queen elections resort. Concert halls every day filled with spectators.

Tourists gladly buy souvenirs – from dried starfish to leather jackets and sweaters that are sold in the shops on every corner.

Mar del Plata is famous for its panoramic views – rocky shores, green mountains, blue bay, views of the modern city capture the attention of tourists.

If you will have the opportunity to visit Argentina, will certainly use it and visit the famous resort of Mar del Plata.

Mar del Plata - Argentina
Resort Mar del Plata in Argentina. Beaches, attractions, sightseeing, entertainment the resort of Mar del Plata. In this article, we have compiled the most interesting for you.
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Date Published: 06/01/2016
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