Water safety

Water safety

Water – the source of life, it is necessary for all life on Earth. It can be kind and gentle, all we are waiting for the hot summer days, to soak up the sun on the beach, lake or river.

We go on trips and guided tours in different countries to listen to the sound of the surf, lying on a sun lounger, swim in the warm waters of the seas and oceans. We take the children to rest and get healthier with us. But it does not know all that is “safety rules on the water”, and if they know that not all of them comply.

No matter how well you may rest on the banks of reservoirs, relax it never is, if you close the children, for whom need constant supervision. A man who knows how to swim, feels pretty confident in the water, but this is deceptive confidence. Based on the statistics, we can say that every year on the water killed tens of thousands of people, with swimmers among them the vast majority. We should not forget that water – it is the element of not forgiving.

So, let’s get acquainted with the rules of safe bathing in reservoirs.

1. Do not rush into the first reservoir. It can be dirty, it may inhabit a variety of infections, perhaps the presence of strong currents or whirlpools, snags, sharp rocks, underwater rocks or reefs. Swim only be in designated areas.

2. With regard to the seas and oceans, is first of all the big waves and strong currents, which can easily be attributed to the open sea or on the shore break. In addition, the tropical climate is found in the waters of a lot of sharks, poisonous jellyfish and other marine life that can cause injury.

3. For self-confident swimmers should be recalled that for the buoys to swim is not necessary. There may be a rapid flow or marine predators from which to quickly sail does not turn on the water. In addition, the area of buoys – a place for surface transport, scooters and boats, screws which are a direct threat to life and health of bathers.

4. Before you dive into the water from a height, you must make sure that sufficient depth for jumping, and at the bottom are no stones or rocks.

5. If you have bad swim, do not try to swim to the depth, always need to feel the bottom of the feet.

6. For a long stay in the water, especially if you just open season for themselves, can cause hypothermia, fraught with catarrhal diseases of any bodies.

7. Do not get carried away games in the water, providing for direct contact between people – it is fraught with injuries.

8. In no case do not leave children unattended on the bank!

9. Use air mattress should only be for people who can swim, as for a sudden gust of wind can quickly refer you to the depth. If you ride a mattress not knowing how to swim a person or child in circles, inflatable toys, never leave them alone.

10. Do not even try to go into the water when a storm wind and the waves.

11. During and after the adoption of alcoholic beverages should be postponed swimming, as long until it is sobering.

12. When learning of anyone swimming should always be near.

13. Water scooter rides and fraught with falls and severe injuries on the water, be careful, hold fast. Do not forget about the life jackets. Also listen to the briefing before the trip.

Tips emergency

1. If a leg cramp, try to pull it forward and pull the big toe to her.

2. If you swam away from the shore and pulled hard on you tired, you should lie on your back and relax for a few minutes. In this case the hands and feet must be placed in the hand. Alternatively, you can curl up, pressed her head to her knees and thus relax, being in a floating state.

3. If suddenly you realize that sink – do not panic, try to stay on the water and call for help. If you panic, your breathing quickens involuntarily, there is a high probability of getting water in your mouth, limbs stopped listening to reason and randomly banging on the water, wasting the necessary forces. In this situation, we must remember that if you were able to swim a few meters, then you will always be able to swim even more important to save power.

4. If you takes over – try to swim to the nearest shore diagonally along the water flow.

5. If you see a drowning, throw him everything that can stay afloat and swim to the rescue. It should be to attract the attention of others to have had assistants.

Salvation drowning

Surrounded grabs everything that are folded, so he can drown with him and his savior. To avoid such an option, you need to grab him from behind (the best hair) and swim to shore.

If a person was under the water for at least six minutes, it can be saved. Put his stomach on his knee, tilt his head down and push back into the abdomen and lung area. If necessary, use artificial respiration.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is not necessary to anybody and never ignore the safety rules on the water. This can cost the health or even life.

Water safety
List of safety rules on the water, which must know and comply with each. Water - the source of life, it is necessary for all life on Earth. It can be kind and gentle, all we are waiting for the hot summer days, to soak up the sun on the beach, lake or river.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 05/11/2016

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