Travel to Chile

Travel to Chile

Travel to Chile! Chile gives to the tourists huge opportunities of any kind of rest at all seasons of the year. In the summer here it is possible to ski, go to Easter Island or just to sunbathe on the beach.

Those who just wants to have a rest on the beach should visit the country North where there are rather quite good beach resorts. There is an opportunity to go in for mountaineering and tracking. The country of great opportunities for the tourist and the unique nature is Chile. The main arguments by which tourists at the choice of this most beautiful country are guided are picturesque local population which kindly concerns to the guests, a variety of natural complexes and the developing economy.

Near the Peruvian border in the North of the country the city of Arica was located. The soft climate which attracts a great number of tourists from around the world here is characteristic of this place. As well as in all Spanish colonial cities, the main sight is a central square of the city (Plas de-Armas). On this square there is a cathedral of St. Marcos which has been constructed in 1876 by the famous architect Eyfel.

Near this place the country’s first fortress which serves as the Museum of History and the Weapon now is located. Also in the north of Chile there is the major economic and historic center – the city of La-Serena which is considered the oldest city of Chile. He is located in the amazing place: on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the mouth of the river Rio-Elki. For a long time it was the main place of extraction of copper and silver, and also the center of agriculture of Chile. Importance of this city for the country is characterized even by the fact that there is own mint, and his building has unique architecture which decorates this place.

Besides that it is the industrial center, La-Serena became the real memorial city, and the beach resort, also known in Chile. Near the city there is the largest observatory in the southern hemisphere – Tololo. In the city it is possible to visit not only picturesque beaches, but also to see restored churches, the craft markets, the Archaeological museum and many other things.

Travel to Chile. For the real fans of unusual places surely it is worth visiting the Atacama Desert which though is the driest and lifeless place in the country, but at the same time it is very interesting to tourists. In these regions the rain can not go more than 100 years, but it doesn’t prevent to exist to a huge number of exotic animals. Average annual temperature doesn’t fall lower than +36 in the afternoon With, and can fall to 0 C at night and in such conditions more than 150 different types of cactuses and 200 animal species grow here. The main part of moisture, animals receive from dew, and blossoming of the desert when here damp Pacific air comes is considered the main sight of this place.

The capital of Chile – the city of Santiago which is located on fertile lands and is the huge megalopolis, the cultural and economic center of the country. Now here more than 5,5 million people live. Santiago is considered one of the most unusual capitals of the world. Here huge skyscrapers from glass and concrete adjoin to ancient churches of the 18th century. Locals are also picturesque, on city streets it is possible to meet the people dressed both in modern business suits, and in a national attire, and luxurious areas are absolutely near slums. The standard of living of local population is the highest on the South American continent.

On a central square of Santiago the monument to the founder of the city, and also original monument “Freedom of America” is located. As well as in many historical cities, the majority of historical sights are located around the area: The house of Governors, the Historical museum which was the building of the Royal Audience earlier, and also palace complex La-Moneda.

Nearby there is a mountain San Cristobal which is known for Virgin Mary’s statue. At a foot of this mountain the beautiful botanical garden, of 712 hectares is located. In the Botanical garden it is possible to see not only a variety of flora, but also to visit the wine bar “Kamino-Real”. In the capital there is a huge number of parks, the Central city park which has been founded in 1900 is considered the most known of them. Around park the set of buildings in colonial style, and also various entertainment centers is concentrated.

One of the main sights of the country which attracts a large number of tourists is Easter Island who is located in the Pacific Ocean in 3700 km from the coast of Chile. Easter Island is known, first of all, thanks to numerous stone statues — moai, created by the ancient civilization of the island. Travel to Chile!

Travel to Chile
Travel to Chile! Chile gives to the tourists huge opportunities of any kind of rest at all seasons of the year. In the summer here it is possible to ski, go to Easter Island or just to sunbathe on the beach.
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Date Published: 06/01/2016

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