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Travel to Ecuador

Travel to Ecuador! Translated from Spanish, “Ecuador” means the equator. The country lies in both the northern and southern hemisphere. Ecuador – the most unusual and beautiful country of the continent.

There is a mountainous system of the Andes and many dormant volcanoes. The nature of these places remained the same as hundreds of years ago, the most beautiful places of the Amazon, where there is still inhabited by tribes of indigenous people. Tourists are attracted by the presence of a huge number of mountain resorts and many amazingly beautiful beaches. But not only on the natural advantages of the country is rich, long history has left a valuable historical monuments.

Quito is the capital of Ecuador, is located in a very picturesque place, for what many consider it the most beautiful city. It is situated at an altitude of over 2,800 meters, almost on the equator, which creates natural conditions here comfortable. The architecture of the capital has many faces, and it can be conditionally divided into the part of the city’s colonial era (“Old Town”), an area with modern buildings and the poor outskirts of the city, which are represented by inconspicuous concrete building. To known and most valuable sights of the capital facilities are located around the Independence Square and Santo Domingo.

Independence Square was built during the Spanish conquest in 1534 and the complex of buildings around it represented the most important civil and religious objects. There is the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Palace of Government, etc. The most beautiful area of Quito – San Francisco. It adjoins the beautiful monastery of San Francisco, which consists of a set of buildings with large courtyards. The monastery complex – a very large and is considered the largest religious complex on the mainland.

The main colonial city of Ecuador – Cuenca, which was built by the Spanish in 1557, and earlier in his place was the old city of the Incas. His appearance is a place similar to the old part of the capital, there are as many churches, such as narrow streets and very beautiful building, but Cuenca advantage is that, unlike the air of the capital are much cleaner and noisy tourists are not so many, and this only reinforces the impression of the local attractions.

The main advantage of the city – the Cathedral of the Cathedral de la Concepcion Inmakyulada, over which rise beautiful iridescent dome and the facade is made of marble. Also popular among tourists Ingapirca fortress, which was built by the Incas. When that this fortress served as the main political and religious center Kanyaris, but was later reclassified in the military structure.

The main town of the southern coast, the largest port and the center of Ecuador’s trade – Gauyakil, which due to its location became a gateway to the country of export. Many people think this place is noisy, dirty and dangerous, but Guayaquil is not so terrible as it is described here, and is convenient to begin the journey along the southern coast.

Travel to Ecuador. A popular place for locals and tourists – a green boulevard on the shore – the Malecon along which runs a series of numerous restaurants and shops. Those who want to see untouched nature and a walk in the wild places worth visiting the area of Oriente, which is located in the Amazon basin. Vast areas of untouched rainforest, numerous lakes and rivers, have made it a major center of ecotourism in the country.

In local forests inhabited by rare animals and plants, as well as still live isolated tribes, which number more than 200. Local ponds are full of fish, some species of which are not found anywhere in the world. In this part of the country there are no roads, move here or on the water, or on a temporary cut in the jungle roads, which are overgrown with time. In local forests is found a lot of dangerous animals, so traveling in the area are considered extreme.

The main property of Oriente – it Yasuni National Park. This national park is the largest by area of the country, which is under protection. In this zone, located more than half of all mammals Ecuador, as well as more than 520 species of birds. Among the popular tourist Galapagos archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean waters, 1,000 km from the mainland. It consists of 13 main islands and 17 smaller ones. These islands have occurred during the eruption of volcanoes located in this area, so the islands terrain is extremely broken up, and the highest point of the archipelago has a height of over 1,700 meters. For 3-5 million years after the appearance of these islands are formed unique nature, which is almost unchanged preserved to this day.

Travel to Ecuador
Travel to Ecuador! Translated from Spanish, Ecuador means the equator. The country lies in both the northern and southern hemisphere. Ecuador - the most unusual and beautiful country of the continent.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 06/11/2016

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