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Travel to England

Travel to England! England – Great Britain island empire, which owned half of the world, the powerful state of the world leader, a country with a developed democracy, a great intelligence)))), high standard of living. And yet England – it’s rich culture and heritage.

The mystery of this country begins with the set its name and continues the long history of the country. In its ancient stone castles and wonderful palaces, abandoned dungeons and torture chambers Cruel, quiet cobbled streets and noisy festivals, street parades sophisticated sexual minorities and exhibitions of contemporary art. And nothing about the conservative restraint and snobbery of the British public not only a rumor! )))))

The UK is among the largest European countries. It consists of four provinces: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the last three of which have the status of an almost complete autonomy. Plus, the Empire consists of overseas possessions of Great Britain (for example – Falkland Islands).

The real name of this island unitary state, combining the pole manners and times, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The official language of the country is English.

Monuments of Roman rule, the ancient medieval castles, world-class museums and other attractions that reflect the rich history and diverse culture of the country – that’s what a vacation in England. Tour to the UK – a unique opportunity to get acquainted with all the countries that make up the United Kingdom. And to see all the beauty that the locals are so proud. After all, it is no secret that the country is considered as one of the most beautiful places on our planet.

Here and only here you will be able to visit their places of “The Beatles”, Shakespeare, Byron, to hear the Scottish bagpipes, to spend the night in any London club underground 80 (“Blitz”, “Bat Cave”)

Travel to England! Also today England happy to show their business centers, stressing that she is one of the leaders of the world economy. So we can see them as well.

On foggy Albion Leisure represented not only tours of the historic homeland of world-famous people, but also tours of football fans (England and football, this is generally a different story), travel rock fans to the concerts of favorite stars, gay tours and shop-tours, popular with connoisseurs of extravagance and luxury.

We eager to heat and sun tourist vacation on England beaches of success, to put it mildly, does not enjoy. But how to respect themselves and other countries, Britain ensured full compliance with its resorts accepted European standards.

The most popular here can be called Brighton and Torbay, who have chosen to host their “star” rest many celebrities of world renown.

On the border of England and Wales, Newport has a resort known for its services for the treatment of anemia and catarrh of the upper respiratory tract. Cool summer, cool water and the opportunity to enjoy a variety of water sports: sailing, rowing, windsurfing, too, are in demand in a certain category of tourists.

On the Channel coast are the resorts of Eastbourne beaches which from spring to autumn organized an “open house.” In addition, there is Beachy Head – the largest in Britain chalky cliff, towering over the water more than 160 meters.

British hotels in Europe deservedly recognized as the best. Accordingly, the cost of living there require you to fork out.

But why must the hotel?

You can stay in a rural hotel, where the service is impeccable, and the prices – are much lower.

As an option, located in the suburban areas of pensions, calculated mainly on a family vacation. It leased a small private houses, the owners of which play the role of administrators, cooks and maids.

It is advantageous to stay in hostels – cheap hotels, the only disadvantage of which is occupied by several people in one room.

Stiffness, restraint and conservatism are considered national traits friendly English. Their politeness is battling “on the spot”: for any reason, you will hear “sorry”. If necessary, you can easily refer to the passer-by to find out the correct address, and be sure to get a plausible answer. In other cases, you even driven to the place.
Duty smile never leaves the island residents face, and goodbye to you can even say «love» and «dear», without ceasing to feel at the same time its full superiority over strangers.

Travel to England
Travel to England! England - Great Britain island empire, which owned half of the world, the powerful state of the world leader, a country with a developed democracy, a great intelligence, high standard of living. And yet England - it's rich culture and heritage.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 07/09/2016

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