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Sight Aleksanderplats – one of the most popular sights of Berlin. Though in recent years the palm was intercepted by Potsdamskaya Square, but Alekandrplats continues to impress with the beauty all arrived to Berlin.

Hours on Aleksandrplattsa

Aleksanderplats – sight of Berlin was so called in 1805 in honor of the tsar Alexander. There were years, and Aleskanderplats changed. It was created as one of the markets of Berlin, but history judged in own way, and Aleksanderplats became the main center of Berlin full of noise when in Berlin the first railway station in 1882 was constructed. At this time more and more people from around the world began to come to Berlin, and Aleksanderplats became the most popular place of Berlin.

Glory of sight of Aleksanderplats in Berlin

In 1920-1930 Aleksanderplats was one of the most crowded places not only in Berlin, and and in all Europe. It won recognition and fame even in literature thanks to Alfred Doblin’s short story “Aleksanderplats in Berlin” (1929). On East side of Aleksanderplats – sights of Berlin are the 220-meter building on which the quote from the short story is applied.

World War II

World War II almost completely destroyed Aleksanderplats, as well as other constructions of Berlin. In the second half of 1960 Aleksanderplats was restored and expanded in traditions of socialist architecture – on him huge impressive buildings which enjoy popularity among tourists of Berlin also now were built.

Television tower of Berlin

Television tower of Berlin

The sight – a television tower of Berlin obviously does not fit into the general architectural line of Aleksanderplats. Its height is 365 meters. The TV tower – one of the highest constructions in Europe and the highest in Berlin, for tourists on a TV tower is equipped the viewing platform cafe at the height of 207 meters with which the surprising look not only on Aleksanderplats, but also to all Berlin and all its sights opens.

Each tourist of Berlin has to look at Aleksanderplats at night when its area captures imagination bright multi-colored neon fires which go from everywhere.

Aleksandrplats - sight of Berlin
Aleksandrplats - the area in the center of Berlin which endured World War II, but did not lose the beauty. The best and most beautiful attractions in Berlin only site.
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Written by: inkas
Date Published: 04/04/2016
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