The Colosseum – sight of Rome

The Colosseum - sight of Rome Places to Go

The Colosseum - sight of Rome

Sight the Colosseum – the most impressive building of the Roman Empire. Originally, it was known as an amphitheater Flaviyev – the greatest structure of times of Ancient Rome. The building was ruined, but even today the sight the Colosseum looks impressively and is the main sight of Rome.

Sight the Colosseum – the Amphitheater Flaviyev


The emperor Vespasian, the founder of a dynasty Flaviyev, began construction of the Colosseum in the 72nd year. Construction of an amphitheater of Flaviyev was finished in the 80th year, a year later after death of the emperor Vespasian.
The huge building of the Colosseum was built at the artificial lake, in majestic park of Neron. Neron’s park is famous not for the only one Colosseum, but also the Gold house of Neron.


Colosseum photo

Sight the Colosseum is constructed in the form of a huge ellipse with half shafts of 188 and 156 meters. In height the building of an amphitheater of Flaviyev reaches 48 meters in height. The Colosseum can accept about 55 thousand viewers who got here through more than 80 various entrances.

Internal corridors of the Colosseum

The sight the Colosseum is divided into 4 floors, top of which was created for the lower class and women. And the lowest floor of the Colosseum was allocated to cream of Rome of that time. But it is only elevated part, and underground there was a system of transitions between rooms and cages with wild animals. All underground system of this sight was regulated by special mechanical mechanisms. Cages with animals moved in the center of the arena where the main passions of the Colosseum boiled.

Velarium – a canopy of sight of the Colosseum

The Colosseum became covered by the enormous awning called velariumy which preserved a cosiness of the audience, protecting from the scorching sun beams. The canopy fastened to columns above the Colosseum. About 1000 people for installation of a velarium of the Colosseum were required.

Games and food of the Colosseum

Majestic Colosseum

Sight the Colosseum entertained public free shows. These games marked prestige and power of the Roman Empire. Thus due to games in the Colosseum the emperor raised the rating among Romans. Were engaged in games which were held in this sight of Rome the whole day, and several days sometimes could last. Games of the Colosseum began with comic scenes, and came to an end with representation of exotic animals with fights to death between gladiators and animals, or between two gladiators. Slaves, prisoners of war or criminals of the Roman Empire battled usually. However sometimes free Romans and even emperors took part in representation on the arena of the Colosseum.

Opening of the Colosseum – majestic sight of Rome

Titus, the successor Vespasiana, held 100-day games in honor of opening of the building of the Colosseum in the 80th year. On this prestavleniye on the arena of the Colosseum about 9 thousand animals were killed.

The Colosseum in night

Colosseum ruins

The South side of this of sight known around the world collapsed during an earthquake in 847. Next years the Colosseum underwent still big destructions – parts of the building of this sight including a marble facade, were sorted and used for creation of other architectural monuments and sights. St Peter’s Basilica belongs to these sights consisting of parts of a majestic monument of former power of the Roman Empire.

The Colosseum - sight of Rome
The Colosseum ? a majestic monument of former power of the Roman Empire to which there are nearly 2 millennia. This article offers information, interesting to tourists, on this sight of Rome.
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Date Published: 04/04/2016
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