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Resorts Turkey

When we talk about Turkey, the first thing that comes to mind is the warm sea, the Black and the Mediterranean, the sandy beaches, the mountains, the sun, the maximum entertainment. But few, while buying a ticket to Turkey, and still recalls that Turkey is rich in health resorts, which use preventive treatment bathing in hot springs.

The most famous thermal spring of Turkey, to which tourists often buy vouchers is Afyonkarahisar. This city is considered the capital of the thermal country and is popular as tourists from other countries, as well as local residents. The resort can simultaneously accept 12,000 visitors. There’s luxury hotels, as well as the usual hotels and hostels. In addition to the prevention and treatment of diseases of the joints, said that regular bathing in local sources even diabetes, obesity and infertility can be cured.

The advantages of buying tickets to Kızılcahamam


Kızılcahamam is another thermal spa in Turkey, a ticket which can be purchased in any travel agency. Here treat skin diseases, neuritis, fatigue, rheumatism and diseases of the genitourinary system. In addition, here are visited by people who suffer from hypertension, and various nervous disorders and even depression, heart disease and respiratory tract.

The resort is located in Ankara, there is the opportunity to stay with the whole family in a cozy house. In Denzli area are two sources that were formed by calcareous rocks of travertine. Karahan Source red travertine is formed, composed of iron ions, and a source formed Pamukalle white travertine and inscribed on the UNESCO heritage list. It is for people with heart problems, atherosclerosis and skin problems would be beneficial bathing in the carts.

Turkey – the source of Oylat

Istanbul resort

Ticket to the Turkish resort of Bursa can be a ticket to a new life, because swimming in the local sources, it is possible to cure eczema, infantile paralysis, high blood pressure and fatigue, and even infertility. The source, who is here called Oylat. There is a legend that tells of the origin of its name.

It tells the story of Ottoman ruler Iegolya, whose name was Tekfur. His daughter was ill, and no doctor could not cure her. Then they conferred and decided to include it in the forest to the source. They brought her back and told her to “lie down and die,” which in Turkish sounded like “Ol yat.” But the source of water to cure the girl, and today it is called Oylat and helps all who wish to get rid of diseases.

Thermal source Oylat

Oylat Turkey

Vouchers in Bursa can buy not only the people with the disease, but also just great people who want to go through the prevention, relax, relieve mental and physical fatigue. This source ranked second after medical treatment in Switzerland. The water temperature is 40 degrees here, so it is not necessary to cool and dilute, because it is quite tolerable for the human body. Turkey resort is situated on 840 meters above sea level.

Several popular resorts in Turkey

Permits to another ever-popular resort in Turkey under the name of Bolu can also acquire for themselves in the holiday season wishing not only to cure diseases, but also to relax. Carajas source that beats there, you can drink, that is consumed inside. For people who have suffered sports injuries, diseases of the brain and nervous system, it is appropriate to take a dip in the springs Sakarya, Kuzuluk. If you have a chronic disease of the spine, as well as if you have had orthopedic surgery, will help recover this particular resort.

The city of Erzurum in Turkey


Very useful sources of Turkey, where you can go, buying a ticket, are Erzurum, Yalova and Armutlu. Gonen Source, which is located in Balıkesir, has beats from the depths of the earth more than 3 thousand years. It is very popular among those who suffer from diseases of the liver, stomach and nerve and skin diseases. Wellness holiday in Turkey, which is represented by thermal springs, may be even more useful than the beach and bought a ticket to one of these resorts, you can not only relax but also to heal.

Resorts Turkey
In addition to all the benefits that could give Turkey a relatively perfect beach holiday here from the earth are thermal springs. That is why you can come to Turkey not only to swim in the sea Sredizemnm, but also healthier.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 03/02/2016
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