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Azov sea resorts

Azov Sea in the ancient Greeks called Meotian swamp because it was shallow and blossomed in the summer, forming a green surface of the water. The Slavs called it the Sea of Sourozh. Sea of Azov forms bays, the largest of which – is Taganrog, Temryuk and Siwash. This sea can be considered as the Russian-Ukrainian, there are major ports – Melitopol, Rostov-on-Don, and others. The Azov Sea is connected with the Black Sea and the Kerch Strait. In winter the sea is frozen, and then the summer people rest on resorts. Azov sea resorts – the best choice for a relaxing beach holiday with children, because the sea is very shallow near the shore.

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Berdyansk – spa resort Azov Sea

One of the most famous resorts of the Azov Sea is Berdyansk. It is a small mud resort, which is located in the Zaporozhye region in Ukraine. The resort itself is located directly on the shore of one of the bays formed by the Sea of Azov, namely, the Berdyansk Gulf. This spa resort is considered resting place of national significance, it boasts an interesting history and centuries-old healing experience. Salty lakes and estuaries in Berdyansk spit contain mud and mineral springs are located here, and who are attracted to this area a lot of tourists who want to rest and recuperate.

Berdyansk quay

The climate of Berdyansk a unique seaside-steppe, wonderful air and the southern sun for a recovery. The air is then saturated with ozone, bromine, iodine, and steppe grasses. Most resorts use iodine-bromine and sodium chloride groundwater for treatment of different types of diseases. If you prefer to spend your vacation in a resort of the Azov Sea and in the sanatorium, observing mode, it offers private sector. Then rent rooms to tourists at various prices.

Wellness Resort Genichesk

The small town of a resort on the shore of the Azov Sea is called Genichesk Kherson region, and is located near the Arbat oblique. There is a nature reserve near Biruchiy Island, where work is underway to conserve the unique fauna and flora. Here you can relax at affordable prices, removing the housing, or set up a tent on the beach. The sea is shallow and warm, plenty of holiday fun. The air is saturated with ions of medicinal, healthy sea and steppe climate created favorable conditions for the construction of there spas, balneological spas and sanatoriums.
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Entry into Genichesk

Where you can escape for a while from the daily bustle, spend your holidays quietly, not in a hurry, adjusting their health and undergo preventive treatment. There are organized excursions to the balneological hydropathic where to get mud treatments and a dip in a hot spring. The local health centers to effectively treat cardiovascular system, nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. It is possible to pass a course of massage, and other treatments.

Beach Sea of Azov

Several centuries the resort Azov Sea was protected village of Taurian province. Resort town became in 1837 and became part of the parish Uzkuyskoy Melitopol district. The population then was engaged in agriculture, bred cattle and engaged in fishing. Many worked in the salt production in the Sivash. Today Genichesk can be called one of the most popular and most visited resorts of the Azov Sea. There are many kilometers sandy beach, which stretches right up to the Arabat Spit.

Kirillovka on the Azov Sea – the right place for summer vacation
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Another good resort in the Sea of Azov, on which you can go for a vacation in the summer, is Kirillovka. This is a climatic spa and resort in the south of Ukraine in Zaporizhia region. In addition to the Sea of Azov, near the resort are Utlyuksky and Milk estuaries. Kirillovka – a resort of national importance, there is a possibility to find a place to settle with a different level of comfort, the resort are 250 recreation centers.

Kyrylivka Azov Sea

On the territory Kirillovka is a number of monuments of landscape art, for example Fedotova Spit, and Dairy estuary, an area of 1900 hectares. Resort Kyrylivka Azov Sea is quite acceptable place for families with children. It is possible a full beach holiday, with a small coast of the Azov Sea, the hot sun, clean sand and the fresh sea air. To stay here as you can and in the private sector, taking off a room from local residents.

Azov sea resorts
Azov Sea connects Russia and Ukraine itself is connected to the Black Sea through the Kerch Strait. This sea, near which there is a lot of spas, health resorts, where they spend health mud treatments.
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Date Published: 02/12/2016
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