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Belarus sanatorium

Belarus – a special country. Her strict laws and the long reign of the president give rise jokingly called the country – the monarchy. The advantage of Belarus can be called untouched nature and amazing is that against the background of an advanced civilization, and the raging of the 21st century, the eternal values preserved in Belarus, people are, by nature, kind and nature here – one of the most beautiful and cleanest in Europe.

SOK Vesta – Health resorts of Belarus

In Belarus many sanatoriums built, where you can come to relax and pass the prophylactic and therapeutic procedures. One of these health centers is SOK Vesta, which is 35 kilometers away from Minsk. The resort is built on the territory of Dzerzhinsk district, Minsk region near the main highway Moscow-Brest. The complex Vesta – is a hotel complex SOC West hotel, a park and two-storey guest houses with comfortable conditions.

Belarus Sanatorium Building
The resort was founded in 1997, it is attributed to the first category of wellness. There will cure diseases of the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system. This sanatorium Belarus 4 meals a day, have the opportunity to order food diet. Depending on the reservation, power is supplied at a restaurant in one of the two buildings. Hotel rooms, which are present here – this apartment, business, luxury, twin, double and studio. In each of them a standard set of features inherent to a particular species. In rooms with a high level of comfort, in addition to all the necessary amenities can also be present in room safe, air conditioning, a private room, microwave oven, kitchen, jacuzzi, hair dryer and so on.

Belarus Infrastructure resort includes 2 swimming pools, a hairdresser, sauna, several baths: Turkish, Russian, Finnish. Also there is a bar, cafe, restaurant, billiards, bowling, summer dance floor and dance hall, gymnasium, tennis court and table tennis. There are motels and playground barbecue, parking, conference room, luggage storage, currency exchange, gym, you can rent sports equipment. The resort accepts children of all ages.

Sanatorium SOK West Room
The newest equipment of the Belarus sanatorium allows the passage of spa treatments, mud therapy. Also, in the resort may undergo acupuncture sessions, thermomechanical massage, oxygen therapy, thermotherapy in infrared sauna. Spa and Beauty Centre, which are located on the second building offer rejuvenating treatments, the treatment of age-related atrophy of the skin, prevention of inflammatory diseases, dyschromia. There is also a solarium, sauna and swimming pool.

Priozernaya – Belarus sanatorium

Another famous resort is located in Belarus Priozernaya Myadel district, Minsk region. It is located near the lake Naroch, pine forest, birch groves. The resort is located 160 kilometers from the capital and consists of two buildings on 7 floors: Priozernaya and French, which are designed for 440 seats. In 2011, in December, an indoor and warmed crossing was built, which connected the two residential buildings and a new medical together.

Sanatorium Priozernaya
Belarus Sanatorium Priozernaya was founded in 1986, and was the first health resort category was awarded. It also treat the respiratory system, nervous system, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases, digestive organs. Among the distinguished rooms single: one standard, one-room advanced; double: one standard, one-room advanced. There are also double two-room and one-room double superior rooms. Amenities include a children’s pool, a sauna, a bar, a solarium, a pizzeria, a library, tennis court, barbecue. There is also a dance hall, table tennis, sauna, Turkish and Russian baths, parking, currency exchange, Internet, WI-FI, and more. His cinema, children’s room and playground – are also advantages. In the Belarus sanatorium accepts children from 3 years old, because there is equipped with everything for them. Among the excursions can walk on the edge of Naroch, there are concerts of famous artists, lovers of national pension pm, entertainment.

Priozernaya indoor pool
Moderate continental climate and forest air create the perfect base for rest and treatment. Galvano-mud, mud packs, heat and light therapy, massage, electrophoresis bath “Cedar Barrel” physiotherapy – is not the whole range of services of Belarus sanatorium. Inhalation therapy: inhalation, alkaline mineral water, volatile, oily; galoinhalation; aromatherapy; aeroionotherapy, reflexology: classic acupuncture – all this is also present here.

Belarus sanatorium
Motels in Belarus, such as Vesta or SOC Priozernaya, offering tourists not only a comfortable rest, but also the treatment and prevention of various diseases. The excellent climate, fresh air, nature, forest, modern technologies in cosmetology and medicine.
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Date Published: 03/20/2016
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