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Many people of Bermuda are associated with danger, treacherous Bermuda Triangle, where the fixed set of mysterious disappearances of aircraft and ships.

But most of the stories are quite normal explanation. The fact that Bermuda – a coral reef, which for many centuries because of the waves smashed ships, because of what sailors called archipelago “islands of the devil.”

The aircraft was lost in the area, it was in those times imperfect, navigation equipment could fail, so that the plane was moving on the wrong exchange rate, fuel ended and he fell. Weather conditions can also play an important role – at the time a qualitatively predict the weather mankind has not learned, ships fell into the storm storm fronts, tornado and suffered as a result of imperfections in construction accident.

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Currently, Bermuda – a paradise for tourists, but not everyone can easily get there. The islands are very serious about the preservation of favorable ecological conditions, so the annual number of tourist arrivals is limited to 600,000 people.

Tourists who have visited once in Bermuda, will certainly try to go there again and again. This attraction to this place due to the mild climate and magnificent summer and winter, thanks to the warm Gulf Stream flowing, beauty and uniqueness of the pink sand beaches, an ideal tourist service, integrity of local citizens – on the islands no crime.

Bermuda Underwater charming. Divers from around the world arrive at the northern coast of the island with a view of the underwater reef islands travel, the survey many ships, finds its last refuge on the sea floor for centuries.


Surfers come to Bermuda primarily in storm season from July to November, when the islands especially high waves.
The air temperature at the resort in the winter from 15 to 18, 25-29 degrees in the summer. Sometimes there are strong but not long-lasting tropical storms.

Another advantage of Bermuda is lush vegetation, some representatives of fauna are found only here, such as Bermuda cedar and a beautiful flower bermudiana. Also here grow olive and banana tree, oleanders, medlar, hibiscus.

However, the fauna is scanty – lizards, frogs and livestock introduced by the mainland.

The name of Bermuda received in honor of its discoverer – Juan Bermudez, the Spaniard, who found them in 1503. Later, the island passed into the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and its colonies are today.

The archipelago is located 1000 kilometers from the United States, it comprises 150 islands, 20 of them are inhabited by people. Some islands united by bridges, the whole area is called the United Mayne Island. The island’s population is 60 000 people. Capital – the city of Hamilton, lush gardens of tropical plants.

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The sights of the capital city are the Cathedral of the Most-Holy-Trinity, the magnificent Fort Hamilton located on a hill, from the top of which you can admire the beautiful panorama of the city, the island coastal waters.

As the memory of bygone battles around the fort established large-caliber guns protecting the harbor and the approaches to it. Tourists love to visit these places to be photographed against the backdrop of ancient forts and cannons.

City Pa-la-Ville boasts a Museum of Bermuda, which stores artifacts from sunken ships in the vicinity.
Bermuda full romanticism ancient secrets that are so tempting to imagine more and more new travelers.

Bermuda resort
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Date Published: 05/26/2016
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