Haiti resort

Haiti resort

Specialty Haiti resorts in varying degrees associated with active recreation. The most popular among tourists northern coast of the island, near the city of Cap-Ha?tien and the capital Port-au-Prince. Surrounded by a complex ridge of coral reef shore once it became the last refuge for many ships, transporting valuable goods from the New World in the Netherlands, Italy and France.

Such a number of sunken ships attract divers and treasure hunters and antiques from all over the world. Shallow depth, sometimes turning into a slight hill above the water reefs, attracts many boaters and windsurfers for its complexity in passing. For many, this is the real test – to pass these difficult waters.

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Coastal La-Gon is famous for its unique rock covered with a continuous layer of black coral. The waters of this coast are full of hills and valleys, which contain a large number of fish. Lovers of fishing is directed precisely to these places.

The biggest underwater cave of the world, located at a depth of about two hundred meters, is located off the coast of Haiti Saint-Marc. She was nicknamed “zombies throat.”

Hiking and equestrian tourism on the island developed. Developed several routes through the National Park and La Makayat visit that will guide you through the complex system of caves to the alpine meadows and beautiful waterfalls. Equestrian crossings are arranged along the mountain paths where walking quite tedious travel.

In Haiti, many attractions associated with the era of colonization. The National Museum exhibits those times, utensils, weapons, pictures and documents. The centerpiece of the museum occupy the anchor of the ship Santa Maria, where Christopher Columbus traveled and the gun that killed himself King Henri Christophe.

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Many tourists are attracted to Haiti in the country’s oldest distillery. Here, let the famous pirate drink – Haitian rum. Vacationers are actively using the opportunity to stay in the sample and to buy a few bottles of potions, the price for it is the lowest from producer.

One of the most visited places in Haiti, Port-au-Prince is the capital of the so-called iron market, where they sell old weapons, produced since the XVII century. Also here you can buy stylish and beautiful things out of tin production by local craftsmen. In the market reigns chaos, newbie here hard to deal with the route, you can walk continuously for the same series. To visit the market is better to take a guide who has been there.

If you look at the island from the outside, for example, from the aircraft, it appears this fabulous island of children’s dreams – lush greenery, surrounded by white beaches and clear warm Caribbean Sea.

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In Haiti, a large number of parks with beautiful landscapes, some of them in a truly wild nature in them detached, it would seem, is not untouched by human hands. For example, Fort de Pi has several relict pine trees, contains a large number of species of flora and fauna. The park La Visit the amazing beauty of the mountains, tropical rain forests and limestone caves. Park Trou Caiman allows curious visitors to observe the life and habitat for animals. Here in the marshes and salt lakes Ethan Sumatra are found several species of crocodiles.

However, the most beautiful park is Makayat Haiti. Passing through the gorge in rows, covered with dense tropical forest, giving it a majestic and unusual appearance.

If you ever will get to Haiti, do not forget to visit the magnificent natural formation called the Blue Pool, consisting of three lakes located cascaded and connected to each other beautiful waterfalls. The lakes are very deep, and the water in them unusual dark blue color is rare in nature.

Haiti resort
Haiti resort! Diving, windsurfing in Haiti, parks, Haiti attractions, beaches, reefs, hiking and horseback riding in Haiti Parks and Recreation on the island of Haiti. Come to this fabulous resort.
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Date Published: 05/19/2016

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