“Clever” footwear for tourists is created

“Clever” footwear for tourists is created

The running shoes-navigators externally by nothing are different from a common footwear.

EasyJet airline company created running shoes-navigators for tourists. Due to such footwear, travellers will be able easily to be oriented in unfamiliar city.

The running shoes supplied by the gauges “work” through mobile annex. The traveller specifies purpose, program lays route, and the footwear on right or left-hand leg vibrates, when it is time to turn to the right or on the left. In such a manner, it is possible to be moved on city without having to constantly to be verified with card or navigator.

“Clever” footwear received title Sneakairs and has already been tested on Barcelona streets. EasyJet air carrier plans to sell such running shoes to the passengers.

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