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Mark Twain said that the Hawaiian Islands are one of the most beautiful islands in any of the oceans, and tourism developed here for decades confirms his opinion. It comes again and again thousands of surfers and lovers of beautiful beaches, national parks and the fans of tropical landscape with many volcanoes, romantics who like to take pictures with the natives with floral wreath around her neck.

The archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands located between the 19 and 22 parallels of north latitude, is made up of eight main islands, which include 124 other smaller islands. Island of Hawaii, known as the Big Island, is the largest, followed by size are the island of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and Nihal. Hawaiian archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean at a distance of about 3,800 kilometers south-west coast, is the farthest point of the United States. The Hawaiian Islands were discovered in 1778 by British navigator James Cook, who named them the Sandwich Islands.

Hawaii Island Resort

Hawaii is an island full of contrasts – the mighty volcanoes Mauna Loa and Kilauea, which are considered still active, high, snow-covered volcano Mauna Kea, on its slopes magnificent waterfalls, a lifeless desert Kau, fern forest Pune and colorful orchids in Hilo – these landscapes this island resort.

Surfing in Hawaii

Mauna Loa, Kilauea is located in the “Hawaii Volcanoes” National Park. Among the main attractions of the island stands the highest mountain-volcano in Hawaii – Mauna Kea (4205 m). In winter you can ski in the observatory, which is a collaboration of ten countries located on its top. Another worthwhile place to visit – Valley of the Kings, so named because of the historical events – previously it was a place of rest of the rulers.

Among the historic and sacred places of the island resort is a place where he was killed in February 1779 navigator and explorer James Cook. The Sand Beach cove on the east coast you can see the sea turtles. Also worth visiting the coast of Kona-Kohala, where the slopes of the mountains to the ocean lava fields stretch, ending with magnificent beaches.

Oahu Island Resort

The island Oahu was formed three million years ago, which is also called the island of the Assembly, is the economic, cultural and educational center of the country and its population – almost 75% of the population of Hawaii. The capital of the island resort is famous for popular Honolulu Waikiki Beach, along which lined comfortable hotels. With the sunset lit the torches along the beach, which create a wonderful romantic atmosphere.

Oahu Island

The island has a volcano Diamond Head crater with a diameter of 232 m, with its summit offers a magnificent view of the city. Just a few kilometers from the bustling Honolulu, you can find peace and tranquility of pristine nature – close to the University of Hawaii bamboo forest begins, leading to the cascading waterfalls that create at the bottom of swimming pools, where you can swim.

On Oahu there are many historical sites and monuments – Memorial at Pearl Harbor, where the war between the United States and Japan in December 1941, and only a hundred meters away, on the anchor should ship Mighty Mo, on board which it ended with the signing of the peace agreement .

South-east coast of the island resort – Bay Hanauma Bay, provides excellent conditions for scuba diving, and its north coast, with its vibrant high tidal wave, in turn, is particularly popular with surfers.

Maui Island Resort

The island is named after the demigod Maui, who, according to legend, caught the sun and asked him to promise to send the long sunny days for residents and visitors of the island. Beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, the island is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and relaxing. Also offers a variety of shops and restaurants, famous golf courses. The islands are a combination of the two volcanic islands with the valley between the old volcanoes. The valley is fertile, agricultural land is used for. Grown mainly sugar cane and pineapples.

Maui Island

The biggest attraction of the resort island is a way to Hana Coastal Highway, which runs along the east coast. In her part of the bridge 51 and 667 bends. On the west coast is Park Valley State, and the town of Lahaina with the biggest banana plant in the United States and many shops and galleries of all kinds. On the east coast of the island it is not recommended to swim because of the frequent occurrence of sharks and dangerous sea currents.

Kauai Island Resort

The island of Kauai is the oldest (six million years) of the islands. It was created by volcanic activity, as well as other islands. With a rich tropical vegetation, it is called the Garden Isle. Its attractions are the largest reefs located in the north-west coast.

Kauai Island

In the north of the island resort stretches Gorge Koke’e State Park and Swamp Alaka’i with more frequent rainfall in the world. Nearby are the walls of the former Russian fortress Fort, which was built at a time when Russian tried to establish control over the Hawaiian Islands.

The fertile south of the island is covered with coffee and sugar plantations, which you can visit as an excursion. Kauai is the only Hawaiian island of navigable rivers. Beauty islands are popular and in demand not only by tourists – the famous movie was filmed here “Jurassic Park.” Here, just as in all the Hawaiian islands, beautiful clean beaches with untouched nature.

Hawaii Resorts
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