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US Attractions

United States of America that the United States is called for short, is a country that is rich in huge extent on the beaches near the ocean, high mountains, lots of developed cities. So here it is possible to live and build a career, and rest.

Statue of Liberty New York

The country occupies a large part of the continent of North America, the United States is famous for the most patriotic people, is considered a country with a rapidly developing economy. US well-known attractions, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York or avenue of stars in Hollywood. The country also boasts several well-known seaside resorts in which to relax like the movie stars.

Hollywood Walk of Stars

Enumerate the country’s achievements can be very long. In this article we will deviate favorite habit of many journalists to cover in their articles have described many times on different resources on the net US landmarks erected by human hands, those of which the whole world knows. Today we will talk mainly about the natural sights, as well as the well-known, but highly enigmatic architectural structures.

Bryce Canyon United States as a tourist attraction

One of the attractions that can be classified as natural monuments, considered National Park Bryce Canyon in Utah. It is located in the south of the state, and then placed the grandiose mountain hill hoodoos, the park attracts a wonderful natural scenery. These rock formations created the nature for thousands of years. Under the influence of erosion, wind, water and formed sediments, which have gained unusual shapes.


The rocks in this National Park acquired the most varied and impressive views, for example, some of them reminiscent of the arch, the other – the pillars, and so on. The rocks are painted in the most diverse color, from yellow to orange and bright red. It is best to visit this landmark US in the winter, when there is the best visibility and refreshing air.

Golden Gate in the city of San Francisco USA

Another very famous US landmark is the Golden Gate of San Francisco. This bridge can be called a technical masterpiece, it connects the two peninsulas and is situated over the bay of San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

In English the name of the iconic US landmarks sounds like the Golden Gate Bridge, it was built back in the 40’s of the 20th century. When the bridge is illuminated in the night or when there is rain, he looks just exciting, it shines a red tint, and for a long time will delight the eyes of tourists and locals.

Pali Coast in Hawaii in the United States

As you know, the United States owned and beautiful Hawaiian island, a favorite resort of many people in the world. It is on these beautiful islands in the ocean is another attraction of the United States under the name of Pali Coast. Spend your holiday on the tropical island of Kauai in the Pacific Ocean – is the best choice, because the Pali Coast is famous for its beautiful scenery.

Pali Coast Hawaii

Here is the National Park Pali Na, which is considered a unique local attraction. Cliffs near the coast stretching 1,000 meters in height, are wonderful panorama, blue ocean and tropical plants.

Mount McKinley – Landmark US

The sight of the United States, which relates to the creation of nature, can also be regarded as mountain landscapes of Alaska. In the north of the state of the mountain can be called a real soaring to the sky gems. White mountain peaks, clear water rivers, forests and cities, which are located here – all this contributes to the fact that living in this area compared with the tale, but also very useful for the moral and physical health.

McKinley landscape

The highest mountain is located in the south of Alaska called McKinley. By itself this summit also read US landmark. It is in the nature reserve of Denali, and next to it are located rivers and lakes. Mountain height – more than 6000 meters, it is the second highest mountain after Mount Ararat.

On top of the mountain weather station recorded the lowest temperature of -83 degrees Celsius. The mountain is a large breadth, as well as its location within the very rarefied air. McKinley is the most difficult to conquer the mountain, because the tip of Alaska – it is a serious cold and frost. Although, in 1913, was made the first ascent to the summit of her team, whose expedition was led by Hudson Stuck. The first of this team ascended to the top of Walter Harper. How much would you have heard stories about the US’s many attractions, it is best to see them live on their own.

USA Attractions
The US is a country that is famous all over the world a huge number of attractions, the film industry, cultural mixing, advanced economies and many other merits.
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Date Published: 03/27/2016

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