Island of Barbados

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island of Barbados

Barbados is a Caribbean small island (23 by 34 kilometers) in spite of its insignificant size it is very popular among tourists from all over the world.

Every day spent in Barbados is a holiday. Blue transparent waves, white sand, lovely sun and a rich night lifesotempting in his arms that is not easy to resist.

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It offers guests are surfing and windsurfing, fishing, sailing, diving, snorkeling, ecotourism and excursions to the ancient fortress constructions, sugar plantations, distilleries, hiking along the shoreline, circling the island in a helicopter and cruises around Barbados.

The best time to travel to the island is from the beginning of January to the end of June, when the tropical rains are unlikely, although at other times they are not long lasting. The average annual temperature is plus 29-31C.

If you enjoy surfing – this place is for you, here you will find the largest number of ardent fans of the sport which focus mainly on the short span of the beach in 200 meters long called the Silver Sands. If you are not a professional in this activity – it does not matter; on the island there are several surfing schools where you will learn all the subtleties of the case. To do this, there are two special beaches – Silver Rock Beach and Long Beach. Equipment for surfers is issued free of charge.

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For hikers – don’t be lazy to get around the whole island, since he is not a big, local sea views and tropical greenery can be enjoyed without noticing a fatigue. For viewing can also be the well-known tourist attraction in Barbados – two huge baobab trees 22 meters in circumference, the ancient synagogue, a collection of old English cannons and a sugar mill.

In Barbados, as in most of the world’s resorts offer holidays for tourists with different levels of income, there are budget hotels and there are luxury hotels for wealthy tourists. You will be greeted warmly in both versions.

For fans of strawberries or as they say, to break away from the full – local residents are very loved-up and to find a girl for a romantic getaway is not difficult

diving in Barbados

Ease of movement for the travelers provide numerous taxi drivers, developed network of bus routes and car rental services. To control the machine need international driver’s license and Barbados driver’s license which are sold here for $5.

Visa to visit the island less 28 days is not required – passport, hotel vouchers, air tickets and some money – and you can safely fly in a long journey.

If you want to feel a real contrast between the drive and the romanticism, feel the atmosphere of bygone battles of pirate islands, the atmosphere of unforgettable Caribbean – Welcome to Barbados!

Island of Barbados
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Date Published: 05/30/2016
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