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Mon Island

Rest in Denmark hasn’t gained broad development as the country is in the north. Tourists generally come for the purpose of visit of historical sights here. But nevertheless Denmark possesses several remarkable islands with the fine nature and pure beaches, one of which is Mon island.

Mon island is quite big, his population about 50 000 people. Landscapes of the lake are various, from the woody district in the West to desert hills in the east. The flora of the island of Mon is rich with birds — generally it is swans and swallows, mammals — foxes, squirrels, hares and even deer also meet.

panorama of the island of Maun

In the center of the island of Mon there is a town of Stege — small and home-style cozy with a set of cafe and small restaurants.
Mon island is attractive by beauty of the nature, pure beaches, monuments to antiquity. The main sight are White Rocks on the western coast here. White they are called because are formed of cretaceous deposits of Ice Age. Height of rocks about 128 meters is the highest point of Denmark, along the coast they were extended on six kilometers. On them the modern geological museum in which it is possible to get acquainted with history of emergence of the island has been built.
Investigating these creations of the nature, tourists still find ancient sinks of the mollusks living in the Cretaceous.

One more sight of the island of Mon is the small palace built at the end of the 18th century near White Rocks. The construction has pronounced romantic coloring, it was under construction the nobleman of France for the beloved. Subsequently here the hotel for tourists has been constructed, the remarkable park is broken, walking on which it is possible to come across original constructions, such as the Norwegian timbered hut, the Chinese tea lodge or the straw lock.

white cliffs

Mon island connects the bridge to the neighboring island Nyord. This island is famous for the for “goose bays”. It is possible to watch life and behavior of ducks and geese from the special viewing tower equipped with telescopes and field-glasses. Every year Nyord for some time floods the sea thanks to what in dry time the green meadows serving as a fine shelter and food for birds grow here.

In southwest part Mon island is also connected by the bridge to the small island of By. Remarkable quiet place. Locals grow up apple, pear, plum orchards here. Time here as though has stopped, apparently, that has got on couple of centuries to the past, even the centenary mill still works here. External signs of a civilization is the ferry which is regularly transporting passengers to the city of Stubbekobing, located on the island Falster.
But the main feature of the island of Mon are the sea resorts which are in northern and his east part. Most popularly here the coast Rabillil which is in nine kilometers from Stege and related the automobile route.

Cozy lodges — a chalet, were to the taste to both Danes, and foreign tourists. Also there are two big nice hotels. In the resort bake the fresh bread as it was done hundred and one thousand years ago, providing them vacationers. To services of tourists of a golf course, campings, modern supermarkets. In the local market sell wild strawberry, honey, spicy herbs and new potato.
Most of tourists can be met on the beach Rabillil. Thanks to the fact that the sea here a small, and bright sun, water quickly gets warm. Guests of the island with pleasure bathe and sunbathe, ride yachts and sailing boards, catch fish.

city of Stege

Other tourist center of the island of Mon is Klintkholm Havn. In the past the small fishing settlement, now it the average sizes the port which is the place of pilgrimage of many fans to have a rest and try local sea cuisine. Here the fine hotel with the pool and a playground is constructed. Tourists acquire a tan on two remarkable beaches. The restaurant with own smoking shed treats visitors with seafood dishes.

The climate on Mon island differs from climate of all other territory of Denmark in the moderation. In the summer here on average plus 20?26 degrees, days solar and long — till 17 o’clock in days. Water temperature keeps around 20 degrees in the summer. In the winter temperature keeps around zero, seldom falling below, rainy days no more than ten in a month.

On Mon island ancient settlements and modern resorts closely adjoin, the fact that in northern Denmark there are beach resorts with quite acceptable climate for bathing at the cold Baltic Sea is even more surprising.

Mon Island
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Date Published: 05/15/2016
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