The interesting facts about Argentina

The interesting facts about Argentina Interesting facts

The interesting facts about Argentina

Argentina – a large, distant, but very interesting and culturally rich country in South America. We’ll tell you about the most interesting facts about the culture and history of the Argentine people.

Interesting facts about Argentina

  • 1. Argentina became independent from Spain July 9, 1816.
  • 2. The current President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner – the first woman president of Argentina.
  • 3. When communicating with someone, if you roll the finger to his temple, then the other person will understand what you are thinking. In the rest of the world this gesture on your part will mean that you have specified on the stupidity of your interlocutor.
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  • 4. The population of Argentina is on the 32 place in the world, more than 41 million people.
  • 5. Interesting fact: Argentina is one of the world’s leading wine producers. The country’s history of winemaking began in the XVI century and has access to new markets already outside of Argentina every year.
  • 6. In Argentina, the first broadcast was made August 27, 1920.
  • 7. In Argentina, a very good level of literacy is 97.9%, which puts the country on the 58th place in the world on this indicator.
  • 8. Cinematography enjoys great popularity among the Argentine population. This is confirmed by the record attendance at movie theaters and purchase DVD-disk with films – an interesting fact.
  • 9. The country’s total area of 2,766,890 km2, which corresponds to 8 in the world!
  • 10. The official religion is Catholicism in Argentina (77% of the population). Also, quite a large number of Protestants (10%).
  • 11. Buenos Aires – capital of Argentina. Its population is 2.9 million people and an area of 202 km2. Until XVII century the city was a long name «Ciudad de la Santísima Trinidad y Puerto de Nuestra Señora de Santa María de los Buenos Aires».
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  • 12. The name of the capital translates as “good air” or “clean air”.
  • 13. It is interesting to know that Argentina is among the countries with the highest average life expectancy. On average, men live 74 years and women 80 years.
  • 14. Mount Aconcagua – not only the highest point in the country, but also the highest mountain in South America. Its height is 6960 meters – an interesting fact.
  • 15. Argentina is one of three world’s largest producers of beef.
  • 16. In Argentina, women occupy first place in the world in the number of plastic surgeries.
  • 17. The world’s first cartoons were created by Quirino Cristiani in 1917. His cartoon “El Apostol” consisted of 58 thousand frames and lasted 70 minutes.
  • 18. In Argentina, there are more than 750 thousand illegal migrants.
  • 19. Pato is a national sport in Argentina. It is a combination of polo and basketball.
  • 20. An interesting fact about Argentina: according to the constitution, the president and vice president must be Catholic.
  • 21. The Homeland dance “Tango” is Argentina.
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  • 22. In Argentina, the highest number of psychiatrists per capita in the world. The «Ville Freud» Buenos Aires has a psychoanalytic area. On average, 100 thousand inhabitants there are 150 psychologists. Far behind was left Denmark with the figure of 85 psychologists – an interesting fact.
  • 23. The most popular sport in Argentina is football. The country is famous for its talented and legendary players. At the time of data in FC “Barcelona” and the national team of Argentina is playing the best players in the world, winner of dozens of awards and titles, the record for goals scored and master technical game Lionel Messi. This stunning football is often called the “second Maradona” and a new legend of world football.
  • 24. Interesting fact: Argentina – one of the few Latin American countries with independent media. At the moment, there are more than 200 newspapers and magazines.
The interesting facts about Argentina
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Date Published: 04/26/2016
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