Argentina Attractions

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Argentina Attractions

Argentina – a country on the sunny south-east of South America, with capital Buenos Aires. The beaches that stretch for hundreds of kilometers here – some of the best on the continent.

Patagonia – Argentina attraction


In the south of Argentina is one of the most famous of its attractions – Patagonia. This desert plain, where there is a severe climate, rainfall is rare, there are many unusual for this country of steppes that looks truly unusual. One-third of all the country’s land is in Patagonia. That is why all the plain territory is divided between sheep farms. Farms include descendants of the first settlers of this area, which today is a tourist attraction in Argentina. All the inhabitants of this region of the country comply with its centuries-old traditions.

Natural complexes attractions Argentine Patagonia were formed thanks to the contrast between the mountain regions of the country and the plains. The town of El Calafate, which is located here, is the starting point to the blue glacier Perito Moreno. Lake Argentino and Lake Viedma also be considered natural attractions of Argentina, which is worth seeing while in Patagonia. Here is Pasito Francisco Moreno National Park, as well as connected to the mainland by an isthmus Peninsula Valdes. The peninsula is the best place to observe penguins, whales, sea lions.

Palacio Barollo as a tourist attraction in Argentina

Palass Barollo Argentina

If you move away from the transfer of Argentina’s natural attractions, and not to take a global south of the country, we can note some architectural creations. Remembering about Argentina can not say about the palace Palacio Barollo. It is located in the Monserrat neighborhood in the capital Buenos Aires, the country. Prospect Avendino de Mayo – a particular place, where the architect decided to build this building. The building was built in 1923 designed by Mario Palant, a native of Italy.

Palacio Barollo building is a kind of reflection of the afterlife in the representation of Dante Alighieri, which he described in his Divine Comedy. Barollo consists of 22 floors, the basement of the building – it’s Hell, from the first floor to the fourteenth – Purgatory, and from 15 to 22 floor is Paradise. The number of songs Divine Comedy – 100, and Palacio height extends for 100 meters. This idea Palant explained by the fact that he was fascinated by the work of Dante, and the writer thought of the 100 symbol of perfection.

Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Iguazu Falls

Beautiful natural landmark of Argentina considered it falls, particularly in Iguazu. It is the largest complex of waterfalls, which stretches into the distance of more than 2 kilometers. The islands are divided Iguazu Falls 270 waterfalls, the most famous of which is considered the Devil’s Throat. Iguazu separated Argentina from Brazil. Attraction in the form of waterfalls, and especially the Devil’s Throat, which is on the border of two countries, and include Brazil, and Argentina. Both countries are proud of it.

Depending on the season changes the power flow of water in the waterfalls. All the islands, which are separated by waterfalls, connected by a plurality of bridges. They have been specially built for tourists. You can also see the waterfalls from a bird’s flight, a ride in a helicopter. You can ride under the waterfall on the boat, there is always the risk lovers prefer.

Attraction country Punta Tombo

Punta Tombo

Describing Argentina, can not remember such a natural feature, like Punta Tombo. It is here from autumn to spring season can observe flocks of Magellanic penguins. The very Punta Tombo – is covered with sand and clay, as well as if sprinkled with gravel, rock band. It is located in the south-east of Argentina. More than 65 thousand tourists visit this attraction Argentina every year.
Penguins are not afraid of people, they can stand long and watch excursions. That people do not accidentally stepped on the hole with the penguins for the tourists here are equipped with walkways and bridges. All the attractions of Argentina are distinguished by originality, and originality.

Argentina Attractions
Argentina - a unique country, where nature has created more interest than the human hand, although landmarks in it a lot.
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Date Published: 03/24/2016
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