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There are countries, which is a dream of any traveler. In each of the cities of these countries find refuge for themselves and amateur ski holiday, and he who seeks peace and quiet, and who wants to improve their health in local dispensaries, and a fan of beach holidays. One such country is Poland. Besides that here you can find all the above advantages, it is also a country is a museum where every city has echoes of history and culture of the past centuries, which are stored in the buildings, streets, bridges and museum exhibits.

Poland Malbork Castle
When tour operators offer their customers a trip to Poland, they are advised to visit Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, skiing in Zakopane, healthier in Ustka or Szczawnica. Many ski resorts, which are located in Poland, due to the fact that there are several mountain ranges, such as the Krkono?e, Beskydy, Tatra Mountains and Gubawka. Each of the ski resorts suitable and professionals in the ski riding, and beginners, and there is a gentle and steep ski runs on snow-covered mountain slopes, have the opportunity to learn skiing with an instructor.

City-museum in Poland

The ancient city and the capital of Poland – Warsaw – Wisla river divided into two parts. One part is called Prague, but in contrast to the Czech town of the same name, this part of Warsaw is not very popular among tourists, but the second part of the capital called “Old Town” is full of Baroque and Gothic, which lives in the walls of the past. There are many places where the visitor from any part of the world will find the joy: a lot of traditional restaurants, museums, theaters, parks… Poland is famous for its cuisine: meat smoked products, sausages, a special recipe of baking bread, dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms. Many festivals in Poland related to the pagan times, but here also celebrate Easter, New Year and many other traditional Slavic holidays.

Warsaw Poland
City of Krakow, one of the same popular cities among tourists, always hospitable, offering visitors hotels of different levels of comfort with modern facilities. The main attraction is Krakow Wawel Royal Castle. The castle stands on the banks of the Vistula, often come here on a trip to visit the royal rooms, the armory and the treasury. There is a chapel with the largest bell Sigismund, castle and churches, masterpieces of the sculptor and painter Veit Stoss. Krak?w market on the market square, with rows of woolen Cloth Hall, the National Museum with the Art Gallery, Church sv.Voytseha with exhibits of the Archaeological Museum, and even the Wawel dragon cave at the foot of the hill on which stands the Royal Castle – all this is shrouded in a haze of legend and mystery.

I love skiing! Poland sky resorts!

Poland has a business card – is the local ski resorts. One of the most popular sites is Zakopane. There are several ski areas, such as Glade Szymoszkowa, Butorowy Wierch Kasparov Top, Gubawka, Nosal, Pardawka and Kotelnica. Depending on the desires of tourists, they are offered to the rest of the resort, where there are gentle or steep slopes, which can be dispersed on a snowmobile professional, and slowly learn to ski beginner. Here you can rent ski equipment, take a ride on a lift and enjoy the mountain scenery, go on a trip, even to carry shopping, sit in the cozy restaurant, relax in the sauna or go to the spa – everything is equipped for receiving visitors, and hotels here are the best .

Zakopane, Poland
These ski resorts like Karpacz, Krynica, Oustrich Dolny, Szklarska Poreba or Szczyrk also await guests every winter, surprising everyone majestic peaks of mountain ranges, lots of snow, fresh air, beautiful nature and silence. Poland invites everyone to visit the identity of the atmosphere and learn a lot of new facts about the history, relax and gain new experience.

Poland, attractions and resorts
You want this winter to ski on the slopes of snow-capped mountains? Prefer Poland, for example, its most famous ski resort of Zakopane. Here you will meet the well-equipped hotel with comfortable rooms, here you will be able to carry shopping, visit a spa or bath, and most importantly, professional instructors will teach you to ski if you are a beginner.
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Date Published: 03/20/2016
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