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Sights of Poland

The small selection of the best tourist directions will help you to know better sights and popular places of Poland.

Beshchada – the main mountains of Poland

Beshchada's mountains - Poland

Beshchada’s mountains are paradise for romantics and fans of the nature. The soft Green Mountains of Beshchada are one of the most secluded regions of Poland and all Europe. The tremendous wild nature and picturesque landscapes made this sight the ideal vacation spot. Beshchada impress with the beauty in summer and autumn months, and wait with open arms for fans of skiing in the winter.
The sight is the wildest corner of Poland. Picturesque areas of mountains are part of Beshchadsky national park. Beautiful mountain meadows, attract tourists from different corners of light. Beshchadsky national park of Poland – sight with the unique nature which is a part of the international reserve of the biosphere East Carpathians. Tourists will be pleasantly surprised with excellent conditions of this sight for pedestrian tourism and skiing. Also here it is possible to play equestrian sport.

Chenstokhova – the city sight of Poland

Chenstokhova - Poland

Chenstokhova – the small Polish city which is in the heart of the Krakow and Chenstokhovsky height. The local region is characterized by picturesque rocks of the Jurassic Period. Chenstokhova is associated with the monastery the Clear mountain which is the largest sanctuary of Saint Maria and one of the best sights of Poland. For most of Poles this cult place where Virgin Mary’s pilgrims from Poland and from neighboring countries meet. A main goal of pilgrims – an icon of the Virgin Mary (Black Madonna) in the monastery of the Clear mountain. This icon was written in 1656, since then its image preserves all Polish earth against evil acts. For this reason the monastery was entitled one of the main sights of Poland.

Gdansk – a resort of Poland

Gdansk - Poland

Gdansk – the rich sea city of Poland with a set of sights. Located on the seashore, Gdansk has soft climate and beautiful beaches that does it even more attractive to tourists and vacationers. Gdansk’s pride is the world’s largest Gothic church with which studying of sights always begins. The modern city architecture was created as a result of a long way of formation and development. To all the power which in Gdansk changed very often and did not pay due consideration to architectural heritage was the cause. Only in 1980 the city found the real managers who began financing of restoration works of old sights and construction of new.
Nearby Gdanska is the known small seaside city of Sopot – one more known resort of Poland. Usually tourists visit these two cities within one round.

Krakow – a treasury of sights of Poland

Krakow – the former capital and the city, in which arsenal one of the best tourist sights of Poland. The magic atmosphere and fantastic architecture of Krakow delight even skilled travelers, and to the city really is what to be proud: medieval cathedrals, renessansky locks, churches in Baroque style, Art Nouveau theater and many other masterpieces of the European architecture. Historical sights make a basis of Krakow, but the city can brag also of modern achievements: thematic bars, pubs and magnificent restaurants perfectly supplement the general architecture. Krakow is full of life, especially it becomes noticeable with arrival of spring when the number of tourists increases, flowers and trees blossom. Then sights of Poland look best of all.

Sight Malbork (Mariyenburg) – the main fortress of Poland

Malbork - Poland

The Teutonic Award was founded in 1190 in Palestine for carrying out a crusade against Muslims and pagans. In the 14th century crusaders of this award won the lingual tribe of pruss and moved the residence to the quiet territory of Poland. And the name to that place was Malbork on the river Nogat. From year to year around fortress built the city which is one of the most beautiful in Poland now. The sight enjoys wide popularity among tourists and annually brings together thousands of fans of history.
Malbork Castle was constructed in 1274, having become the largest Gothic fortress not only in Poland, and and in all Europe.

Masurian Lakes – natural sight of Poland

Masurian Lakes – the huge ecological territory which consists of more than 3000 reservoirs. For fans of sailing, fishers, tourists, cyclists and those who look for a privacy it is number one for rest. Besides water sports, tourists can see a huge number of historical sights of Poland: locks Reszel, Nidzitsa and Gizhitsko; the surprising church of Baroque style in Sventa-Lipka and is a lot more other interesting places.
History says that in the territory of Masurian Lakes there was a Hitlerite military staff which heads the list of the tourist places of Poland gaining popularity now.

Sight Auschwitz – the Polish concentration camp

Auschwitz. Poland

The modest country town Auschwitz has a set of terrible sights. The most known is “Auschwitz” – the Polish concentration camp. During World War II in the largest nazi camps about 1,5 million people, and Auschwitz – a monument of that horror died. In many structures the decision to keep nazi interiors was made and it is even authorized to conduct tours. However most of tourists come to Auschwitz not just to visit historical sight, and once again to comprehend horrors of nazi system.

Tatr’s mountains – landscapes of mountain Poland

Tatr's mountains. Poland

Tatr’s mountains – the highest mountain ridge between the Alps and the Caucasus. Their rocky tops are covered with snow all the year round, and sharp crests, picturesque lakes and falls do this sight of one of the most spectacular in Poland. About 250 km of the route and a wide range of slopes will satisfy even the most exacting skiers and thrill-seekers who arrived to look at this sight from different corners of Poland.
Also in these parts there is a town of Zakopane where the Polish culture and traditions passes from father to son.

Warsaw – the central city of Poland

Warsaw – the capital of Poland which is built up almost from scratch after World War II. Warsaw can brag of a large number of skyscrapers, business centers and ambitious plans for creation of new grandiose constructions. But on the city horizon the huge sight – Palace of culture and sciences still dominates. Many years it is a starting point of any tour across the capital of Poland. Warsaw – the tourist city with special charm and the East European taste. Do not forget to glance on the beautiful Old city, to walk along the Royal route, to see an exposition in Chopin’s museum, to look at several magnificent palaces and the former Jewish ghetto. Such amount of sights will not leave indifferent even the most exacting tourist.

Wroclaw – the city of architectural sights of Poland

Wroclaw - Poland

The capital of the Lower Silesia (valley Slask) has the huge Old City which call Wroclaw now. It was constructed on several islands connected more than one hundred bridges. Besides the unique location, Wroclaw impresses with the architecture. Interesting combinations of different styles and the architectural directions fascinate tourists, forcing to visit Wroclaw again and again. But what became the reason of such variety? Historically it developed that in different years Wroclaw came under cultural influence of Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland, and it could not but leave the print on the atmosphere and sights of the city.

Sights of Poland
Poland - a beautiful country full of both natural and cultural sights, worthy of every tourist. The best and most beautiful sights in Poland only site.
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