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Tel Aviv Resort

Tel Aviv – it’s not just white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, but also the spectacular landscapes, surfing, nightlife, and even fishing! In addition to a splendid vacation, you can enjoy views of the old attractions of Tel Aviv resort.

Tel Aviv. General information about the resort

Dawn at the resort Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is often called “the pearl of Israel,” and it’s not a mistake, because the resort is a terrific place to stay! For many years, Tel Aviv demonstrated that it is a top-class resort. For dozens of years of hard work over the quality of services and hotels, the resort deserves to be called a cultural, business and commercial center of Israel.

History of Tel Aviv Resort

Tel Aviv can’t boast of such a deep history like Paris or London, but has a very beautiful and dramatic story that had everything: the creation of the city, dawn, war, revival and modernization. Tel Aviv was built in 1909 and is the first city of the new State of Israel. Such a young age does not prevent the resort to take millions of tourists every year. At first, the resort town was small, but the influx of Jewish immigrants from Europe in 1924-1939 increased Tel Aviv and made him not just a big city, but also the main tourist center of Israel. It gave the resort a huge potential, which is growing ever since. Hither youthimmigrates from across the country in search of a better life.

Architecture of Tel Aviv Resort

In Tel Aviv were built more than 5,000 buildings in the Bauhaus style (everything that surrounds it has to be multi-functional, modern and simple at the same time). The architectural style of the Bauhaus flourished in Tel Aviv in the 20s-30s of the last century. The most impressive part of the resort is Rothschild Boulevard, where the unique sights preserved in full! Many architectural monuments are entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is interesting to know that Tel Aviv is a resort called the “white city” because the majority of the Bauhaus buildings are white and light yellow. This is an important factor in attracting tourists because most of them had never seen anything like it!

The beaches and the sea are the main advantages of the resort Tel Aviv!

As in San Sebastian and Barcelona, the main attraction of Tel Aviv is the sea. The resort boasts magnificent beaches, each of which is unique for its atmosphere. Beach season here is all year round, so in winter you can safely go on vacation, which almost will not differ from the summer. A good tan can be obtained as early as in March, but often there are days when you can enjoy the sun and in December and even in January! If you want to get away from the European winter cold, the Tel Aviv resort is just a terrific option.

Tel Aviv. The night life of the resort

Photos beaches of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel is the center of nightlife and one of the club capitals of the world! It regularly hosts performances by DJs from around the world. It is safe to say that the city never sleeps! Regular celebrations in bars, cafes and nightclubs have become an integral part of Tel Aviv. But it was not always like that. Earlier, the Zionist movement did not approve of “mindless” music from abroad. One day, the late Prime Minister Golda Meir refused Beatles British group’s request to perform in Israel, based on the fact that their style of music can cause “damage to the youth of the mind.” Well, a few decades later, Tel Aviv became one of the main centers of the world of club music! Nightlife is not worse than European or American ones.

Mandatory is to visit the sights of the resort Tel Aviv:

Carmel Market – an integral part of the resort Tel Aviv

In recent years, the market has become very popular among tourists. The main highlight of the Carmel market is its lively atmosphere and a wide choice of products and goods! At any time of the day it is jam-packed with visitors, and vendors, as well as hundreds of years ago, loudly touting their wares. At the market you can buy just about anything your heart desires. The most popular goods “for tourists” are clothes, shoes, various trinkets, souvenirs and accessories, which are made in Tel Aviv. It’s all here, for some reason the prices are an order smaller than in other markets. The most popular are the variety of food! Local fresh fruits, vegetables, different kinds of cheese and baked goods are at once bought up. Carmel Market is open every day of the week, of course, except Saturday. Tourists just adore this wonderful market and often come here for several times!

Tel Aviv resort. Art Museum – a popular tourist attraction in Tel Aviv

Art Museum of the resort Tel Aviv

The resort can boast of the best art museum in Israel. Since its construction in 1932, the museum is a leading in its direction. Here are regularly held presentations of both new and the best European and American collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Chagall, Dali, Cezanne and Monet. This attraction of Tel Aviv is also known for its cultural activities. Musical and dance performances, film screenings and public lectures have long been a tradition of the resort.

Tel Aviv resort. Museum The Land of Israel

This attraction has a unique layout and character. This is a huge park museum, which is grouped around the ancient mound of Tel Kasile. There are still ongoing archaeological excavations. The museum is divided into different halls, as a research area is very large. Usually tourists take on the map to navigate through the museum, which covers more than 3000 years of history, art and culture of Israel.

Tel Aviv Resort
Resort Tel Aviv is an ideal place for rest and recreation! Find out more information about the best tourist spots and resort Tel Aviv in our article.
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Date Published: 03/22/2016

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