Resorts of Austria

Resorts of Austria Best resorts

Resorts of Austria

Austria is known as a country of alpine meadows and peaks, mountain lakes and cool forests. One of the most legendary capitals of the world, which is considered to Vienna, also in Austria, a country that is open heart of Europe. In Austria, there are some of the best ski resorts, each with its own attractions the city. A dense network of railways connects all places in Austria, there are international airports and every corner of the country, each of the resort town can be reached by taxi, tram, bus, and any other form of transport.

Vienna – a city-resort in Austria

Famous resorts in Austria are: Vienna, Salzburg, Baden-Baden and many others. When you remember about Austria, the first thing that comes to mind – a resort town in which they lived and drew his inspiration from the famous composer and the Waltz King Strauss, musicians Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, and others. Vienna is the city of music, this cosmopolitan metropolis, where for centuries accumulated echoes of different cultures.

Vienna Belvedere Palace
Culture of the resort city of Vienna has reached us in its original form his thanks to the legacy left by the masters of the set of his artistic career, who lived and worked here. During the reign of the Habsburg dynasty resort town Austria Vienna has become a good example of the brilliant development for the whole of Europe. Vienna played an important role in the history of the continent, since that time, the Romans established a Celtic settlement on the Danube, as one of the central forts Vindobona. Austria has developed into a powerful empire around its capital.

National Park Donau-Auen
Vienna is considered the year of waltzes, buildings in the baroque style, romance and mystery. When tourists visit the church, which erected a statue of gold, which is full of museums full of treasures, they have the impression that everywhere surrounds them chic, splendor and richness. Served in the caf? Viennese pastries, go shopping and take a stroll in the park, especially to visit the Vienna Woods fanned by myths, everything is possible in this resort town of Austria.

Baden-Baden – Austria Resort

Another famous Austrian resort, which primarily seek to swim in the therapeutic hot springs, is Baden-Baden. This resort town is 26 kilometers from Vienna and is surrounded by the Vienna Woods. Forest circumferential leisurely atmosphere of social life. The resort is considered the summer capital of Europe, a city in the mineral waters, one of the oldest in Austria.

Baden-Baden Austria
History of the resort city begins with the 12th century, when the first Margrave of Baden built the first Gothic castle on the hill. In the 13th century it was built here in the near Lihteniale first residential building – Cistercian monastery. Remains and ruins of buildings have survived. International renown Austrian resort of Baden-Baden came to him in 1813. Then the Russian Emperor Alexander 1 stopped here at my mother in law Margravine Amalie of Baden, when Napoleon chased. During this visit, 16 generals of staff discovered the resort in Austria, and since then the rest go here regularly and the people of Europe and other continents.

Hot springs in Baden-Baden
Hot thermal springs – the main attraction of Baden-Baden. The water temperature therein reaches from 58 to 68 degrees, they hit from 1200-1800 meters depth, and their use is currently about 20. Sources 12 to 17 thousands of years, and some of them are delivered to the surface of about 800 thousand liters of water. Here, in the resort of Baden-Baden in Austria to the tourist services offer a variety of whole complexes with swimming pools, saunas, massage and other preventive procedures. Many illnesses can be cured by bathing in hot springs. One of the best known resorts for holidaymakers is to punish and Friedrichsbad. Those who are going to visit one of the Austrian resorts should ask your travel agent all the details of your stay there, to find out the conditions and level of comfort in hotels, services list, procedures.

Resorts of Austria
Mountain lakes, Alpine peaks, the birthplace of Mozart and Strauss. The resort of Baden-Baden, medical and thermal spa, Vienna Woods in the Austrian capital, the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, and prepared for the track drive.
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