Sights of Barcelona

Sights of Barcelona Places to Go

Sights of Barcelona

Barcelona was based more than 2000 years ago therefore formation of architecture was completely under the Roman influence, as gave a positive impetus in further development of art. The special attention is required by the sights created by the world famous architect Gaudi and also other known remarkable places created in the period of a Catalan modernist style. It is interesting to know that many of them are objects of the World Heritage of UNESCO.

Picasso’s museum – elegant sight of Barcelona

Picasso's museum. Barcelona

In Barcelona on the known Street “Carrer Montcada” Picasso’s museum is located. Before the museum two palaces which in the XV century turned into one magnificent sight devoted to Picasso’s memory stood still. Here one of the fullest collections of the works written to youth and also in the years of Picasso’s formation as professional artist is located. It stayed in Barcelona only 5 years (1901-1906), but could leave behind one of the most visited and most beautiful sights. The museum includes a collection of children’s portraits and pictures; just drawings and real works of art of the “blue” and “pink” periods of works of the ingenious artist.

La Rambla – the street of Barcelona full of sights

La Rambla – one of the most known streets not only Barcelona, but also all Europe. This street is the long, continuous pedestrian prospectus that passes through “the old city” of Barcelona from the area of Catalonia to city port! Here various cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques are located, but the main part is occupied by numerous sights. The most known tourist place is the Palace of the most famous architect Gaudi here. The Gothic Cathedral Placa Reial and various small areas where tourists can sit down on a shop enjoys also wide popularity and have a rest, enjoying views of sights of Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia (La Sagrada Familia) – inimitable sight of Barcelona


Full name of this surprising church “Expiatory Sagrada Familia”. It is possible to tell that it is one of the most intriguing sights of Catalonia. Construction of church began in 1882, and full completion will be approximately in 2026! The project of this fantastic building was created by the architect Francisco del Villar who was replaced then by the modernist Antoni Gaudi who was proud of the Masterpiece as he liked to call this sight. One of important factors of so long construction of church is the decision on building financing only at the expense of a donation of parishioners. The interior of this church does not concede to appearance of sight at all, it is executed in absolutely not inherent motives for those times. This unique feature also became a major factor of such huge popularity among tourists. It is interesting to know that in 2006 construction of the temple visited about 2.2 million. the person, that became a record for all history of existence of this inimitable sight of Barcelona. Do not forget to include Sagrada Familia in tour across the capital of Spain.

Sights of Gothic quarter of Barcelona

Gothic quarter (Barri Gotic) – the oldest quarter of Barcelona. This unique labyrinth from narrow streets is decorated with fascinating Gothic buildings, cathedrals and other sights. Earlier it was the strengthened Roman settlement the main sight of which the huge Gothic cathedral of La Seou, with his unique interior and fascinating appearance to Barcelona was and is. Also Gothic quarter abounds with souvenir little shops and delightful cafes which ideally fit into architecture of surrounding sights. Also in the round you can look at the remains of the ancient Roman city which important part was Gothic quarter. This quarter surely visit one of the most popular museums of Barcelona “’Història de la Ciutat in the Palau Reial”. In it remains of ancient Roman Gothic streets will remain.

The museum and stadium of FC “Barcelona” – a shower of the football capital of Spain

Stadium of FC Barcelona

Barcelona – one of the most favourite and titled teams of Europe. If you in Barcelona tour, then you just have to visit this sight which is an integral part of soul of each resident of Barcelona. If you do not like soccer, then it is not obligatory to visit games with team, it is possible just to go to the museum of “Barsa”. This team has very informative museum with photos, documents, memorable things and trophies which cover more than century history of club. Tourists also have an opportunity to investigate the well-known stadium “Kamp Nou” which accepts all games of darling of Barcelona. If you also decide to visit a match, then believe, you are expected by taste of the exciting atmosphere of a match where in the stands will exult fans. Also pleasant addition to visit of this sight is the official shop where it is always possible to buy branded undershirts, caps and other accessories of club Barcelona.

Sights of Barcelona
In this article the detailed description of the best tourist sights of Barcelona is stated. Barcelona was based more than 2000 years ago.
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Date Published: 04/02/2016
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