Sights of Bremen

Sights of Bremen Places to Go

Sights of Bremen

Bremen is a seaport of Germany which population is slightly more than 500 thousand therefore it is difficult to carry it to megalopolises. The city is placed on two river banks Vazer, and his historic center is surrounded with a green strip. It passes where there was a city wall earlier. On West side of the city which borders on the river there is no fencing. Bremen can be characterized from various parties: it both its traditions, and science, and flights in space, and its achievements in equipment, and of course, various sights.

Sights of Bremen in cathedrals and the areas

Being going to visit Bremen, it is desirable to define a route of visit of sights at once. The majority of them is located in historic center. Remembering the most known and interesting places to tourists, it is possible to call a market square Markplatts. It is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Europe. There are most beautiful ancient buildings built during different eras. One of the most remarkable is the building of the Town hall.

Markplatts Bremen

Just before the Town hall the symbol of freedom and independence of Bremen, its sight which represents the knight Roland’s statue under a Gothic canopy is established. The Bremen cathedral and church of the Mother of God also are on the square. The church is trimmed by ancient frescos, stained-glass windows inside in an iron framework which was created by the artist Alfred Manessir. In the southwest of the area there is a building Shyuting which project was developed by the architect Yokhann den Bushener.

Bettkhershtrasse – sight of Bremen

There is a lot of sights in Bremen also on Byottkhershtrasse Street which passes to the South from a market square. In itself it is possible to call the street a work of art which is a combination of two styles in architecture. Here it is combined traditional and expressional styles, and the idea of creation of the street arose in 1904 at the patron and the dealer of coffee Ludwig Rozelius.

Byottkhershtrasse Bremen

Construction lasted even till 1934, and projects of buildings and structure of the street were made by architects Skotland and Runge, and also the sculptor Bernhard Hoettger. Here on the street which is called sight of Bremen – Bettkhershtrasse there is a museum of a name of the artist Paula Becker-Moderzon where the exhibition of its best works was placed. There is a house of Rozelius in which the collection of the period of blossoming of Hanseatic trade traditions is stored. The street is also well-known thanks to the chiming clock.

Sight of Bremen – the Rhododendron park

As sight of Bremen it is possible to consider the Rhododendron park. It is one of the biggest similar parks in Europe. In May the park surprises with violence of paints and aromas. There is the biggest collection of cultures. There are more than 450 types, 350 subspecies and 350 grades of azaleas, and also 250 other evergreen plants. In greenhouses the fine orchids protected from bad weather blossom here.

Rhododendron Bremen park

Byurgerpark is considered one of the biggest parks of Bremen which is also its sight. It occupies the space about 140 hectares in the central part of the city. Initially, it was based as the formal landscape garden in 1985.

Quarter Shnor – sight of Bremen

One more sight of Bremen it is possible to call quite quarter Shnor. It is ancient part of the city which was once populated with fishermen. The first lodges were constructed here in the 15th century, and today there were some of them, remained since 16, 17 and 18 centuries including. In the 20th century quarter was very poor, and there was a threat of its wrecking. But today after capital restoration the area became the favourite place of tourists. There is a Gothic church of Yokhanniskirkhe which once belonged to Franciscans. On the building there are no big towers, and it distinguishes church from the others too.

Monument to the Bremen musicians – sight of Bremen

Monument to the Bremen musicians

One of the brightest sights of Bremen which symbolizes itself the famous fairy tale of brothers Grimm is the monument to the Bremen musicians. It is placed into Town Hall Square in 1951. The sculptor Gerhard Marx, and thought up it later, the monument became a city symbol. They say that the monument was created on donations of citizens, it represents a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster which stand the friend on the friend.

There is also a legend that if to throw a coin into a manhole on the square near a monument, then it is possible to hear voices of the Bremen musicians from there. Earlier in the sewerage the huge number of coins was gathered, but today them became even more, and they quite often from there are removed. In Bremen there are many sculptures imitating a monument, even with irony, considering its popularity in the city. Directly under a monument underground there are barrels with the oldest German wine.

Sights of Bremen
Bremen is the city the fairy tale literally, especially it can be told, having visited the Rhododendron park with fine flowers. Architecture of Markplatts Square, greatness of cathedrals, and popularity of a monument to the Bremen musicians to which many sculptors - all this Bremen imitate with irony.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 04/04/2016
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