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Sights of Spain

Spain is considered as the cheerful and solar country on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea. She is full of sights, the majority of which is in the large cities. As the most known and often visited it is possible to consider sights of Barcelona.

Cathedral of the Holy Family as one of sights of Spain

One of such sights is the Cathedral of the Holy Family or Sagrada Familia. With considerable breaks in time this building is built by 128 years. The foundation for the building was laid in 1882, and the project was conceived by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. Gradually the building takes such form what it has to have.

Cathedral of the Holy family

One of researchers of works of the architect Antoni Gaudi told once about what he does not know whether the person plays God, creating similar masterpieces, or God plays with the person, putting thoughts of similar grandiose projects in his head. The temple is really grandiose and towers over Barcelona, showing the greatness. This sight of Spain reminds a huge cave with belltowers in the form of stalactites. There are also deep grottoes attracting the mystery.

Facade of passions

Height of the building of 170 meters that is one meter higher than the highest mountain of Barcelona. He wanted to emphasize with it that created by the person he cannot be higher than creation of God. The facade of Passions, namely its main doors, reproduce words from the Bible in several languages including on Catalan.

The unusual building in Spain – a tower Galatea

One more sight of Spain which is in the Spanish city of Figueres the tower Galatea is considered. It is one of parts of the museum of Salvador Dali which was attached to it in the last turn. She is stood in museum style and is strict on registration. Here it is possible to visit the hall of optical illusions, allowed to get acquainted with the latest works of the artist Salvador.

Salvador Dali museum

History of this surrealistic building began in 1974. Earlier there was a theater, it was destroyed during civil war and long time was thrown. Now the facade of this sight of Spain is very original, on its roof there are huge eggs, and the building is painted in red color. The unusual general architecture is proved by the fact that El Salvador distances considered bread and eggs as the most healthy food.

tower dome Galatea Figueras

The legend of the basis of this construction, sight of modern Spain, says that the mayor Figaras was fond of creativity of a distance and asked to present to the city administration his picture once. El Salvador was touched and decided to found the whole museum in which design and construction took active part.

The concert hall of Tenerife — sight and a symbol of the Canary Islands

Sight of Spain and symbol of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the Canary Islands is the Concert hall of Tenerife. The majestic building of an auditorium was built in 2003, and designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava who is considered one of the best professionals in the world. The building is on the bank of the Atlantic Ocean, and its roof has the wave form that towers over the main hall for performances.

Tenerife concert hall

In a lobby of Tenerife there is a cafe, the press center and shop, there is a set of make-up rooms and locker rooms for preparation for performances. From two parties of an orchestra pit organ-pipes which was developed by Albert Blenefort are removed. Outside of the building there are two terraces, and at night it is highlighted by soft this world. From one of terraces of this sight of Spain — 350 meters high — it is possible to admire the city. The building is just near two highest skyscrapers of the city of Santa Cruz, and these skyscrapers are considered as the most photographed sight which it is visible from terraces a concert hall.

The house panorama in the capital of Spain Madrid

Edifitsio Mirador

In the capital of Spain there is a building which in Spanish sounds as Edifitsio Mirador and is called locals the house panorama. The sight as if is constructed of parts of the meccano, and it is designed by the Dutch bureau MVRDV. The building reminds an observation deck as in the middle it has a fancy opening that serves as a balcony.

The sight of Spain is constructed in the form of a rectangle and reaches in height more than 60 meters, and in the middle, at the height about more than 36 meters, and there is a place for survey of surrounding landscapes. Here too there is a small garden, and construction is divided into 9 parts. Each of parts differs in various texture, material and color. Each of blocks is planned differently and there are different types of apartments. All sights of Spain can surprise in own way with the grandness, pathos or shocking, everyone is in own way unique.

Sights of Spain
Sights of Spain, generally in Barcelona and Madrid, are ready not just to please, but also to surprise with unusual forms and approach to design. Already a set of years tourists from around the world come to look at the museums, towers, observation decks, and other buildings.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 04/01/2016
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