Sights of London

Sights of London Places to Go

Sights of London

The main sights of London ? the capitals of the centuries-old state with the unusual traditions. Prudish British has the beautiful capital open for travel, sights of London overstep the bounds listed in this article, but some are presented here.

Changing of the guard – sight of London

Changing of the guard – sight of London

The magnificent show of change of sentries in Buckingham Palace is one of the best-known regular actions of London. One of the five regiments of infantry Grenadier, Scots, Irish stand on guard at Buckingham Palace London attractions. New protection leaves Uellingtonsky barracks in Birdcage Walk in three minutes prior to change and marches to the palace. The ceremony lasts 40 minutes and takes place behind a palace fencing.

Sight of Eyes of London

Sight of Eyes of London

Opened in 2000 in honor of the millennium, the sight of Eyes of London is the world’s largest big wheel. It quickly became one of the best sights of London and an integral part of the capital horizon. An eye of London opens for you one of the best views of the capital of Britain. From the 135th meter height it is possible to see Big Ben, building of parliament of London, sight the Aquarium, St. Paul’s Cathedral and it is a lot of other beautiful places of London. One turn of the main wheel of the capital takes half an hour for which you rise more than by 137 meters over the Thames.

Sight the Museum Madame Tussauds in London

Museum Madame Tussauds

The sight the museum Madame Tussauds (1761-1850) filled up the collection during the French revolution with posthumous masks of the victims of a guillotine, including Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Today this sight of London contains a huge collection from more than 400 waxworks, including pop stars, actors, athletes, politicians, members of royal family and even murderers who were photographed already more than 2,5 million times. Also the trip “Spirit of London” which will show you sights of London in the past is carried out.

Sight Trafalgar Square of London

The Trafalgar Square – one of the most known tourist sights of London, thanks to a statue of the admiral Nelson standing on a column. The Trafalgar Square in London was constructed for respect of memory of the admiral Nelson, killed during victorious fight against Napoleon at Trafalgar, Spain, in 1805. Every Christmas Norway sends a huge tree to this square of London in acknowledgement of the British help during World War II. Also sight the Trafalgar Square – the center of London for mass gatherings of people during celebration of New Year.

The Shakespearean Globe theater – sight of London

The Shakespearean Globe theater

Shakespearean theater the globe – the sight of London representing reconstruction of the original Globe constructed in 1599, almost on the same place as the original. Reconstruction on which Sam Uonemeyker who did not live up to completion of works inspired is finished by the straw roof and a circular scene intended for use of natural lighting and a minimum of scenery. Statements take place in the main theatrical sight of London on a regular basis. Also in the Globe theater the constant exposition showing life of Shakespearean times of London is presented.

Sight British museum, London

Being the main source for scientists, the British museum is also large sight of London. The building in the Greek style was built in the 19th century. The collection of the British museum strongly was replenished at the time of the British Empire that resulted in popularity of this museum of London.

Sights of London
The main sights of London ? the capitals of the centuries-old state with the unusual traditions. London waits for you.
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Date Published: 04/04/2016
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