Sights of Budapest

Sights of Budapest Places to Go

Sights of Budapest

For the long, rich and various history Budapest got tens of the most interesting sights at which all guests of the capital of Hungary have to look. Our article will acquaint you with Budapest, will tell about its magnificent tourist places.

The royal palace – cultural sight of Budapest

Royal palace of Budapest

Sight the Royal palace located at top of the Castle mountain in the picturesque region of the lock of Bud. For the first time this territory was populated at the king B?la in the 13th century which after the Mongolian invasion, turned it into the fine unapproachable fortress of Budapest. Within the next 700 years sight the Royal palace carried out a role of the residence of the king. First of all, the palace draws attention of tourists with the variety of architectural styles: from a gothic style to baroque. Today this place is the most important cultural center of Hungary. The royal palace is also the center of the numerous museums and historical monuments of Budapest, the majority of rooms of the palace and buildings which surround sight, are historical heritage of the capital of Hungary. Surely visit this unique sight of Budapest.

Chain Bridge – historical sight of Budapest

Tsepnoy Bridge – historical sight of Budapest

Chain Bridge is the first stone bridge built through the river Danube. Among tourists it enjoys wide popularity. As it is not strange, but the most popular tourist sight of Budapest is Chain Bridge. It is easy for guests of the capital of Hungary to find it thanks to fine statues of lions which protect entrances on the bridge. The sight Chain Bridge takes a place of honor in the history, not for nothing it is a symbol of Budapest. At night the bridge looks just fantastically. It is possible to tell that for the sake of this show tourists also come to the capital. And everything began with the fact that the count Ishtvan Secheni started in the capital of Hungary building of some transition through the river which reliably would serve for many years. Such thought came to mind to the count after he had to wait for the whole week to cross the river and to bury the father. This sight of Budapest was constructed by William and Adam Clark who built London Bridge earlier. For that time was considered that to construct such surprising construction was the real engineering feat. In 1849 the bridge was completely completed and open for public which gathered in Budapest from every quarter of Hungary. It is interesting to know that the bottom of the bridge has a special point from where distances to various points of Budapest are measured. If you were on the river and did not visit this sight, then consider that you did not see Budapest.

Sight Fishing Bastion. Budapest

Fishing Bastion of Budapest

The fishing Bastion was constructed in 1905, with the purpose to decorate the coast. The sight is located in picturesque and very interesting place of Budapest, in the center of the area the Lock. The architect Fridyesh Shulek in 1905 designed the Fishing Bastion. Construction of such graceful structure it was decided to spend with rather expensive on that time of a white stone. The sight the Fishing bastion is decorated with matchless turrets, ladders and magnificent parapets which were made in neo-Gothic and neo-Romance styles. These two styles enjoyed wide popularity at the beginning of the 20th century. Such architectural variety of this sight of Budapest became an excellent way of involvement of tourists to this marvelous place. Each of 7 towers of sight symbolizes one of 7 tribes which came to Hungary in 896. The bastion is in the district of Budapest where once there was a city of fishermen, the name from here. It is interesting to know that in the Middle Ages of this pretty sight of Budapest very old fish market stood still. Perhaps, the architect wished to hold in remembrance this ancient town, and called a bastion “fishing”. We advise to go to this strange sight of Budapest, surely it will be pleasant to you.

The parliament building – delightful sight of Budapest

Parliament building. Budapest

On the bank of Danube in Budapest there is one of the most beautiful sights in the world – parliament of Hungary. The first that needs to be made, so to look at it on parliament in a panorama of Budapest. What you will see – very beautifully. The graceful red dome, a white lacy ornament from a stone, spikes not just emphasize distinguished taste of architects, and are the main argument for just arrived tourists. The first sight of Budapest which they will visit will be the parliament building. Stone lions on an entrance are protection of a rich interior from marble and gold. Also you will be struck by charming statues, columns and the best artifacts of Budapest. Including 1000-year crown of the first Hungarian king. All this and much another to you will be surely shown and told at excursion because most just it will be not so interesting to walk on halls of this surprising structure of Budapest. The parliament building – big sight literally of this word, it is one of the largest buildings among similar in the world. Surely enter this greatest building in the round on sights of Budapest, and you will not regret.

Sights of Budapest
In article it is offered will study the list of the main sights of Budapest. Just for you, all about the city of Budapest on the website
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Date Published: 04/03/2016
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