Sights of Moscow (Russia)

Sights of Moscow (Russia) Places to Go

Sights of Moscow (Russia)

I suggest you to get acquainted with the most beautiful and well-known sights of Moscow. In our article you will be able to watch photos of the most known and interesting places. You have an opportunity to learn everything about these sights and to make the choice in tour across the best tourist places of Moscow.
Moscow – political, economic, religious, cultural and scientific center of Russia. This surprising beauty the city will please any tourist with abundance of unique sights and monuments of architecture, and in Moscow there is a lot of them.

The mausoleum – the historical remarkable place of Moscow

Mausoleum Moscow

In the center of Red Square the historical remarkable place of Moscow – the Mausoleum is located. It is known that this stone construction of Moscow is a memorial tomb in which mourning hall there is a crystal – a sarcophagus with V. I. Lenin’s body. When it became known of death of the leader of the proletariat, in Moscow the decision to build the Mausoleum at the Kremlin wall in the center of Moscow was at once made. The project was carried out by the architect A. Shchusev. By January 27, 1924 the temporary Mausoleum which was changed several times was built. The modern stone Mausoleum was built in 1930, also on A. Shchusev’s project. This majestic remarkable place is revetted with dark red granite, porphyry and the black Labrador. Among tourists the Mausoleum enjoys wide popularity as for many it is an opportunity to glance in history, to personally see the leader of the world proletariat, and for other tourists this notability is just part of round on Moscow. In the Mausoleum let only after special check, to you forbid to film Lenin’s body and to photograph, check for existence of the weapon, and only then you will be able to pass to the Mausoleum.

The Tretyakov gallery – one of the best remarkable places of Moscow

Tretyakov gallery

The Tretyakov gallery – unique sight of Moscow. It has the collections of the Russian icons and outstanding collections of pre-revolutionary types of the Russian art, best in the world. The building was designed by Victor Vasnetsov between 1900 and 1905. The gallery began the history as a private collection of the 19th century of industrialists of brothers Pavel and Sergey Tretyakov. Pavel was a supporter of artists of peredvizhniki who broke away from conservative Academy of Arts of Moscow and began to represent simple people and their social problems, their popularity also began with it. Now brothers are among the best-known artists of Russia. The remarkable place of Moscow the Tretyakov gallery can brag of one of the most refined examples of their work. Unsurpassed interior of the Tretyakov gallery to make strong impression even on the best architects of the world, feature of this remarkable place of Moscow consists in striking any person not only magnificence of pictures, but also beauty of an interior. So the best decision of any tourist will be to enter the Tretyakov gallery in the tour across remarkable places of Moscow.

St. Basil’s Cathedral – the cult remarkable place and the hallmark of Moscow

St. Basil's Cathedral. Moscow

In the 16th century on the place of stone church of the Trinity with a small cemetery, it was constructed – St. Basil’s Cathedral (1555-1561) . Since those times the church began to gain popularity not only among believers of Moscow, but also at visitors and tourists. Every year the church became more beautiful and more and more considerable in the orthodox world. Many even remembered Moscow in this remarkable place which at the moment is the business card not only Moscow, but also all Russia. Unfortunately, in a cathedral there are no regular church services, it everything also remains branch of the State Historical Museum in Moscow. Many say that they this remarkable place of Moscow beautiful only outside therefore they do not even come inside, and are just photographed on its background, but it is a big mistake of the tourist, in a cathedral feel the true pleasure, everything in the temple is impregnated with the Russian spirit of the Middle Ages. After short time of stay in a cathedral to you just will not want to leave this blessed place.

The estate Kuskovo – the remarkable place of Moscow

Estate Kuskovo

The estate Kuskovo was created in full compliance with tastes and rules of the Russian noble life and art of the 18th century. Kuskovo is a unique ensemble, one of early samples of summer residences of Russia. The owner of this remarkable place of Moscow wished that it was not only it is better than estates of other famous domestic and foreign grandees, but also eclipsed the beauty even imperial palaces. Construction of this remarkable place of Moscow began in 30 years of the 18th century, and ended in 1890. The territory borrowed the whole 300 hectares together with three adjacent parks. As well as all estates, the remarkable place of Kuskovo it was used only for receptions of grandees from Moscow, rest and demonstration of wealth and luxury of the owner. This palace is not included into standard tour across remarkable places of Moscow, but for all comers it is possible to take additional tours across the estate.

Moscow. Red Square – sight which all have to visit

Moscow. Red Square

Red Square – heart of Moscow and the first sight where there are all tourists and guests of the capital of Russia. Besides that the area is very beautiful and popular place among tourists, it still is also the place where other famous remarkable places of Moscow, such as Lenin’s Mausoleum, the Kremlin, Sacred Trinity Church and mass of other sights of Moscow about which you learn from our article were located. According to ancient chronicles, the Red Square appeared at the end of the 15th century when Ivan III ordered to destroy all wooden buildings surrounding the Kremlin. It was made in order that in case of fire, fire from these wooden buildings did not pass to the Kremlin which is very important sight of Moscow. The territory freed from old buildings, began to use for the market which enjoyed wide popularity among residents of Moscow. And there was the first name of the area – the Floor space. But it did not last long, in the 16th century this well-known square of Moscow was renamed into “Trinity Square” in honor of Holy Trinity Church. Only in the 19th century this the popular tourist place received the official name “Red Square”. So in round on sights of Moscow you are simply obliged to visit Red Square and there to be photographed.

Assumption Cathedral – sight of Moscow

Assumption Cathedral. Moscow

Assumption Cathedral is not just Orthodox church, this oldest building of Moscow which completely remained from the moment of construction (1475-1479). This most beautiful sight of Moscow is located at Sobornaya Square. The cathedral can be found easily on five gold domes. The known sight in revolutionary years was the center of orthodox church of Russia. In Assumption Cathedral most of heads of the Russian Orthodox Church from 1320 to 1700 is buried. For all the history the temple endured many heavy moments, in 1812 the French troops plundered this sight of Moscow, they took out 295 kg of gold and more than 5 tons of silver. After a while, the most part of the lost treasures was restored that demonstrates that the temple really is the spiritual center of Russia. But in revolutionary time, in 1918 Assumption Cathedral was closed, as well as many other temples of Moscow and Russia. Since then the sight works only as the museum. Assumption Cathedral interior extraordinary light and spacious, full of warm gold and red shades. Over the southern gate Elena and Konstantin’s frescos which brought Christianity to Greece and on the South of Russia are drawn, and over northern gate Olga and Vladimir’s frescos which brought Christianity on the North are drawn. These features of the temple attract tourists even more.

The Kremlin – unique sight of Moscow

Kremlin. Moscow

The Kremlin – the oldest part of Moscow and an ancient complex of various sights. Also this unique place is the official residence of the President of Russia. More than 27 hectares of the territory occupy fine towers, cathedrals, palaces and a set of other ancient sights of Moscow. All objects are especially protected so it is possible to visit them only according to special admissions or tickets for cultural actions. Many centuries of the existence sight the Kremlin witnessed many known and tragic events of Moscow. Enemy tools shot at its walls, magnificent celebrations and numerous revolts which were taking place in the Kremlin disturbed silence over all Moscow. But now the Kremlin is one of the largest museums of the world. The state regalia of Russia, invaluable icons and treasures of the Moscow tsars are stored in various sights of the Kremlin. So safely enter it in the round, and you will not regret.

Sight Bolshoi Theatre. Moscow

Bolshoi Theatre. Moscow

The Bolshoi Theatre – sight of Moscow known for the whole world. The theater received the popularity because of fine ballet statements and the most beautiful operas. This sight of Moscow enjoys wide popularity among tourists. Surprisingly beautiful and rich interior bewitches practically any visitor, whether it be the permanent resident of Moscow or the tourist. What to tell about the opera and the ballet, they can only enjoy. The auditorium of the Bolshoi Theatre strikes with a smart situation and ideal acoustics, and all details, all parts of an interior are made faultlessly.

Sights of Moscow (Russia)
Before going to travel across Moscow, it is necessary to study all remarkable places of the capital of Russia. Our article will help you with it.
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