Sights of Sofia

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Sights of Sofia

Plunge into the conquering world of travel, go to round on sights of Sofia, and you will not regret. The huge number of the most interesting museums, galleries, ancient churches and a set of other popular tourist places of Sofia will force you to distract from problems, and will just enjoy rest in the capital of Bulgaria.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral – the best sight of Sofia


Alexander Nevsky Cathedral – one of the best examples of architecture of Sofia, and also one of city symbols. This magnificent creation was constructed during the period from 1882 to 1912 in honor of the Russian soldiers who were killed in battles for liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish yoke in war of 1878. In the territory of this known sight the area where the Monument to the Unknown soldier with an eternal flame is located is located. Not only outside the cathedral is beautiful, its impressive wall mosaics, stained-glass windows, marble, and also the magnificent elements of an interior executed by woodcarving fascinate by the greatness and beauty. Delightful frescos cover walls and domes. All this, in combination with ancient icons, does Alexander Nevsky Cathedral by the most popular sight of Sofia among tourists. It is interesting to know that contain an iconography from all Bulgaria in an underground crypt of the museum of Icons. The sight abounds with sacred masterpieces which history lasts since the 9th century. Surely visit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and be convinced that it is the best sight of Sofia.

National art gallery – popular sight of Sofia

The national gallery contains the collection of works of art, largest in Bulgaria, – about 60 thousand works. The sight is located in the territory of the former imperial palace so it can be found rather easily, having just asked the passerby. In appearance this does not take well-known place of Sofia anything special, but having entered the room, you as if move in time, to the Middle Ages. Creaking wooden floors, original marble fireplaces and high ceilings, make this sight similar to the magnificent medieval museum. Exhibits of gallery are located so that you without excess walking will be able to consider all works of art, without distracting for a minute. History of gallery began still when Sofia was conquered by Turks in 1382. Since then the sight became headquarters of the Ottoman Empire in the capital and the suburb. Most often it was used for interrogation of the Bulgarian insurgents. Exactly since then the Bulgarian art which peak was in the period since 1878 on the middle of the 20th century began to develop slowly. In National art gallery of Sofia works of artists of Renaissance which enjoy the greatest popularity now are presented. The gallery contains works of artists G. Zograf, Dospevsky and Pavlovich who made a lot of things for art of Bulgaria. Even if you are also not a fan of painting, you have to visit this unique gallery.

Sofia. Sight Cody Seyfullakh Effendi Kamii

Cody Seyfullakh Effendi Kamii

Once in Sofia there were 70 mosques, but to there was only one today. It was constructed in 1576 by the most great Ottoman architect Mimar Sinana. The best feature of this mosque is the dome-shaped ceiling which was restored in initial design after falling of communism. To find the mosque rather easily, in Sofia such sight only one, at the same time is not similar to others at all. The mosque officially is not tourist sight, but visitors can come to a prayer, including women if are modestly dressed. Inside the mosque is decorated with a thin blue tile with texts from the Koran, the image of human figures are strictly forbidden in Islamic art. In Sofia the mosque is also known as Ban Basha that it means “many bathtubs”, beyond its limits the small remains original to “boors” (the Turkish baths) found in 2003-2004 are located. Surely visit this sight of Sofia if you want to learn history of the capital of Bulgaria.

Sight Boyana Church – a pearl of Sofia


Boyana Church lies in 8 km on the southwest from Sofia. It is one of the most known treasures not only Sofia, but also all Bulgaria. The tiny medieval temple was closed for public within 38 years. All this time it was restored, but by 2000 after all were in time. The sight is best of all known for the refined frescos of the 13th century on which scenes from the Bible and Life of Saints were represented, (at that time in Sofia such frescos enjoyed wide popularity). They are also known for the realism and are considered as one of the best models of medieval art of Bulgaria. Boyana Church is one of nine Bulgarian monuments of culture included in the list of UNESCO of world cultural heritage. Reception of tourists in sight it is limited till 10 minutes, accompanied by the guide. The oldest structure of Sofia waits for you, do not forget it to visit in the round.

Sights of Sofia
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Date Published: 04/03/2016
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