Sights of Helsinki

Sights of Helsinki Places to Go

Sights of Helsinki

You are welcomed by the capital of Finland with all its beauty and sights. Helsinki – not only the largest city of Finland, and both the most popular and known tourist center of the country. Information on the best tourist places of Helsinki is given below.

Suomenlinn’s fortress – significant historical sights of Helsinki

Suomenlinn's fortress

Suomenlinn’s fortress – it the large military structure is entered in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. The sight is constructed during the Swedish dominion. It is located on the island at an entrance to harbor of Helsinki. Besides magnificent architecture of the 18th century, the sight will please tourists with a set of various institutions: the museums, galleries, restaurants, cafe, and in the territory, adjacent to fortress, several parks and even beaches. The best period for visit is the summer as at this time the greatest number of various actions and performances is carried out. Exhibitions, jazz show and the dramatized representations which already became part of this known sight of Helsinki enjoy special popularity. If you decided to take tours across the capital of Finland, then it is worth visiting Suomenlinn’s fortress first of all.

Sight the National museum of Finland – pride of Helsinki

Almost all tourists who arrived to Helsinki surely visit this sight. The fact that here all property of culture and history of Finland since prehistoric times and are presented up to now is the main reason of such traditional popularity. Interesting feature of this sight is very thought over and convenient division of the big museum into departments when it is not necessary to go far to look at all parts. Romantic style of registration of an interior is in harmony with all departments of the museum, uniting them in a whole. Special attention should be paid on “Treasury” of the museum Helsinki where almost all samples of coins, medals and even the weapon for thousand-year history of Finland are collected. Rare finds of the Stone Age which just now found huge value are presented in the archaeological section. To have a bite or rest for all comers the cafe and shop works. Visit of this museum makes the most important part of round on sights of Helsinki, the National museum of Finland gives the unique chance to get acquainted closer with history and culture of the unique Finnish people.

Sight Senate Square – heart of Helsinki

Helsinki. Senate Square

This known sight by right is one of the best European examples of neoclassical style. A big contribution to development, both the cities, and the area, Karl Ludwig Engel made. He constructed here the Nikolaev cathedral which together with a monument to Alexander II, enjoy special popularity among tourists. On the square there is a cafe where you will be able always to have a rest, and will enjoy views of the best square of Helsinki. It not only smart sight, but also a good reference point for tourists. Therefore you surely have to enter Senate Square in the Helsinki tour.

Temppeliaukio’s church (Church in the rock) – unique sight of Helsinki

Temppeliaukio's church

Temppeliaukio’s church – surprising architectural sight of the capital of Finland. Literally the name of church to be translated as “Church in the rock”. It was developed by brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalaynenami quite recently, in 1969. The unusual sight of Helsinki is cut out from solid granite. Its powerful stone walls with a concave granite ceiling give to church excellent acoustics therefore it it is often used for carrying out various musical actions. Annually the sight is visited more than by half a million residents of Helsinki and guests from around the world. The interesting fact that in the summer of 2006 the unusual mass when church songs were sung under accompaniment of hard rock was carried out to churches.

Korkeasaari – the oldest sight of Helsinki

Korkeasaari is a largest and oldest zoo of Finland. It is based in 1889 and is one of the most visited and known sights of Helsinki. At the moment in it there are more than 200 animal species ten times more species of plants. It occupies the small space in 22 hectares. Tourists can easily find Korkeasaari’s zoo according to tourist guides or just on leaflets with a sight emblem – a snow leopard. Enter this zoo in the Helsinki tour, and you take great pleasure and positive emotions.

Sights of Helsinki
This article will acquaint you with the best sights of Helsinki and will give a valuable advice about rest. You will also be able to enjoy beautiful photos of sights of Helsinki.
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Date Published: 04/09/2016
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