Sights of Sicily

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Sights of Sicily

The island of Sicily with full confidence it is possible to call the region of Italy a civilization cradle. Historical events which took place here throughout many centuries replaced shape and arrange this region. Today here it is possible to find a unique combination of rich history and multinational culture, the fine nature and sea landscapes. The island of Sicily is located in the Mediterranean Sea, here is what to look at and where to have a rest. Sights, the warm sea, the surprising nature and warm climate — all this Sicily. Architecture monuments in style of the Sicilian Baroque, the Byzantine mosaics, violence of flowers and other beautiful green vegetation are struck by an eye.

Vulcan Etna as main sight of Sicily

Catania is in a seaport of Sicily the main sight of the region which was created by the nature, it is a volcano Etna. It is the highest active volcano in Europe whose height changes after eruptions. From the very beginning of the existence, Etna was thrown up about 200 times. In the ancient time people took these destructive forces of nature for war between gods and giants, in the Greek mythology dormant periods and activities of Etna were described.

Etna at night

The last eruption of this sight of Sicily was recorded in 2011, then on January 31 local authorities disposed about overlapping of the international airport of Catania. Today the territory around a volcano is declared by national park, very many tourists showed real interest in this sight of Sicily. The most curious and courageous can reach a volcano crater. It is also possible to call this sight of Sicily mysterious as because of constantly changing relief still nobody managed to create an accurate map of the district of a volcano, but there are approximate cards.

Vulcan Etna in the afternoon

If you one of those daredevils who will decide to reach top of Etna it is not recommended to go there alone or with unaware people in this district. Here on slopes of sight of Sicily – Etna, it is possible to meet a set of active, inactive and periodically active craters, and also at top there can be very rainy, foggy or windy weather.

The valley of Temples – grandiose sight of Sicily

As one more sight of Sicily it is possible to consider the Valley of Temples. It is considered an important zone of archeological excavations. The valley occupies the space more than one thousand hectares. In its territory there are temples of the Consent, Hera, Heracles, Asclepius, and also Teron’s grave. All these and many other architectural constructions belong to the Ancient Greek period and were constructed somewhere in the 6th century BC.

Valley of Temples

As there are no Temples of sights equal to the Valley on the area in Europe among other Ancient Greek complexes, and buildings in the Valley strike with the grandness. All of them are constructed in Doric style and are huge on the height and volumes. Zeus’s temple located here grew in height more than 30 meters, in width 57, and in length of 112 meters.

Botanical garden of Sicily

In the city of Sicily Palermo there is one more sight the Botanical garden. Needless to say that there is the richest collection of plants collected almost from all existing continents of the planet here. More than 12 thousand species of plants on 10 hectares of a garden strike a look of tourists. The garden in 1779 was based when the Royal Academy of Sciences created department of botany and medicine. The academy allocated to department a ground for cultivation of herbs and their studying. After a plant began to grow up on more spacious place as there was not enough allocated site.

Garden Botanical Sicily

And in 1786 it was decided to transfer the Botanical garden, present sight of Sicily, to a site which adjoined a senatorial country house, today it is called Willa Julia. Exactly here the Botanical garden settles down today. Among structures which the first began to appear in 3 years after change of the place it is possible to note such as Kaldary, Tepidary, the Gymnasium and others. All of them were designed in the Neoclassicism style, and all this was realized by the architect Leon Dyuforni.

Botanical garden orange trees

The director’s office of sight of Sicily of the Botanical garden, was in the Gymnasium, the library was located here. Tepidary and Kaldary were greenhouses. In them there was a pool with hot water and warm water. Here grew up plants from moderate and hot climatic zones. Having visited Sicily, surely come also into the Botanical garden, making excursion on the region.

Sights of Sicily
Sicily - the region of Italy which exists many centuries and contains in itself (himself) a set of ancient constructions, natural sights and monuments. Vulcan Etna and beautiful beaches are the main sight of this province.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 04/02/2016
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