Sights of Monaco

Sights of Monaco Places to Go

Sights of Monaco

Monaco – one of the rich and the beautiful countries of the world. From all Europe millionaires and oligarchs, businessmen and just rich tourists come to spend money here. All of them wish to beat world famous princely casinos and to taste sweet of a victory. But very few people from these minions of fortune know about ancient treasures and unique architecture of Monaco, its sights and popular tourist places.

Monaco – the second smallest country in the world – is less only its Vatican. However it did not prevent the prince Rainier III (on a throne from 1949 to 2005) to build the rich tourist state. Not a secret, foreigners make 80% of resident population here that gives continuous inflow of the capital and economic development of the principality. Besides it considerably increases your chances to see some celebrity, to be photographed with it and even to ask how to pass to “The yard of the prince”.

What else to you will be offered by Monaco?

Attend a global annual sports event of “Monaco Grand Prix”.
Listen to an orchestra which is more than the army.
Enjoy walk through all country.
Play in a casino Monte-Carlo.

The palace of the prince on the Monaco card

Palace of the prince. Monaco

Wealth, luxury, uniqueness – all this about the main sight of your round. Daily there take place tens of excursions, but the main highlight of the palace is changing of the guard (daily at 11:45) – a pathos ceremony accompanied by an orchestra. The last, by the way, is one of the best in Europe. The majority of the major official actions, sports competitions and the international festivals do not do without music from the palace of the prince. From balconies of sight the fascinating panoramic view of port and a casino Monte-Carlo opens.

Photo for memory in an exotic garden

Botanical garden Monaco

The botanical garden Monaco is one of the best in Europe. Several thousands of rare plants allow a garden to blossom all the year round, but the apogee of blossoming of the nature drops to the summer period. This season is the brightest and memorable, and magnificent botanical compositions attract tourists from all principality. The exotic garden is included into the honourable list of the best sights of Monaco since 1933. Since then here millions of tourists from around the world began to come. A botanical garden – the most blossoming place in all Monaco.

Monaco-Vill or Old city


Monaco-Vill, perhaps, this most unusual and attractive place of the principality. Magnificent palaces of grandees, wide streets and universal statues are united in a whole by architecture of romanticism. The old city is located in the fantastic place at the top of the rock. From here the best views of open spaces of the Mediterranean Sea open. One more interesting feature of sight is the set of unusual and even strange statues. One of such are a statue of the baby in the Monaco-Villya center and a monument in the form of a flamingo.

Casino Monte-Carlo TOP SIGHT of Monaco

Casino Monte-Carlo

The casino Monte-Carlo strikes with the beauty and wealth. It is surrounded with a magnificent garden, terraces, and also accurate turrets which gracefully emphasize style of rococo. For the first time about Monte-Carlo started talking in 1878 when ordinary inhabitants began to win the quite good sums here. But received the world popularity of a casino in the middle of the 20th century with coming to power of the prince Rainier III. Since then the sight was visited by thousands of the richest people from around the world. Real opportunity to win also made this place so popular among oligarchs. To become the client of a casino Monte-Carlo, to you 18 years have to be executed, your clothes have to correspond to a dresscode and you have to have money, it is a lot of money.

Opera theater or Garnye’s Hall – hi from France

Garnye's hall

Garnie’s hall was built on the project of the famous architect Charles Garnie. Distinctive feature of this sight are unique medieval frescos and sculptures which were very much loved by the French master. Red and gold tone of an interior pleasantly are in harmony with wall lists and portraits of cultural figures of Monaco. More century in opera theater the international festivals, ballets and operas are held. If you did not get on a desirable concert or performance, then Garnie’s hall gives you an opportunity to order the necessary performance, but it will cost very much.

The oceanographic museum and aquarium in the list of sights

Oceanographic museum

The oceanographic museum and aquarium ? the popular center of rest in Monaco. He is located at the height of 279 meters above sea level and can brag of tremendous collections of sea monsters, numerous samples of effigies, skeletons, and also models of various ships. In the museum cellar visitors can observe for 4000 species of marine animals and plants. An aquarium – it is always cheap and unforgettable.

Sights of Monaco
Sights of Monaco. The photo, and also is a lot of interesting information on tourist places of Monaco. All the most relevant here, from the portal
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Date Published: 04/05/2016
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