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Zagreb – the main cultural, political and tourist center of Croatia. For the centuries-old history Zagreb managed to grow rich on a huge number of unique sights and unique tourist places.
Interesting information on the best sights and popular tourist places of Zagreb is given below.

Church of St. Catherine – popular sight of Zagreb

Church of St. Catherine. Zagreb

Church of St. Catherine is the most beautiful church of Zagreb, executed in Baroque style. The sight is located near the Top city – one of the most beautiful and ancient parts of Zagreb. It is a holiday for tourists, such amount of sights in one place – a huge rarity for the modern and developed European capitals. The church is constructed at the beginning of the 17th century on the place of the former Dominican church. It is famous, first of all, for the rich facade and five wooden baroque altars. In it a combination of magnificent frescos, an unusual interior and a set of unique statues. Endured 2 fires in 1645 and 1674 about the short existence, church. Both of them completely burned it practically to the base.
However noblemen and the local nobility of Zagreb took active part in restoration of sight. It also became guarantee of popularity of church today. On money of patrons stucco mouldings, fresco on a ceiling, two marble altars and four front statues of evangelists Mark, Matfey, Luka and Ioann were made. For the tourist an excellent way to spend time are concerts of classical music that steel already traditional for Church of St. Catherine. The sight is part of any round on Zagreb therefore you should visit this known place of the capital of Croatia.

The top city – the district of Zagreb full of sights

The top city located on a slope of the mountain of Medvednits in the 13th century was strengthened by walls and towers. It is very beautiful and ancient part of Zagreb. The top city hosts the known June street festival. At the beginning of summer night free concerts and film screenings are held here. Especially during the spring and summer period the most popular sight of the Top Zagreb is the embankment. In the evening here crowds tourists gather to admire Nizhny Novgorod the city and the Center of Zagreb. In the Top city the parliament is located and the government of Croatia sits. If you enter this sight in the round, then it is possible, to you will carry, and you will meet someone from officials who is very much loved here and respected.

Sight the Botanical garden – natural richness of Zagreb

The botanical garden of Zagreb is an outstanding monument of landscape gardening of Croatia. The sight was founded in 1889 for practical carrying out university lectures. The botanical garden is the house for a set of plant varieties from different corners of Croatia. If you decided to take tours to Zagreb, then you are simply obliged to walk at least half an hour in the Botanical garden. If you arrived to the capital of Croatia with the girl, then the sight offers you magnificent places for unforgettable romantic walks. It is the best of all to visit it surprisingly the place of Zagreb from April to November.

Tower Lotrshchak – historical sight of Zagreb

Tower Lotrshchak. Zagreb

From a set of sights of the Top city of the capital of Croatia, it is necessary to mention about medieval towers Lotrshchak. It was built in the 13th century to protect the southern gate of the city from attacks. In towers the big gun which shot in the Middle Ages was a signal of attack on Zagreb is located. The legend says that in once Turks decided to attack Zagreb. For this purpose they set up camp on the river bank Sava. To notify residents on the hanging threat, it was made a shot from that gun. The shell flew through the river and on the way broke off a rooster. Turks apprehended it as a bad omen and did not decide to attack Zagreb. Since then as a token of gratitude to destiny, locals do one shot of a gun at midday. This tradition is supported and presently, however instead of shells usual paper with gunpowder is used. At the moment the tower Lotrshchak is one of the most visited and most known tourist places of Zagreb. By the way, do not forget to rise by the top of a tower. There you are expected by a magnificent panoramic view of the city. Surely take with yourself the camera or the camera.

The funicular of Zagreb – unusual sight of Zagreb

Funicular of Zagreb

Such sight as the funicular enjoys wide popularity among tourists. For the first time it appeared in Zagreb in 1890. Then it worked at steam-engines and to go on it, it was necessary to push him slightly. It is interesting to know that it is the shortest and most abrupt funicular in the world (a tilt angle of 52%). He works at speed of 1.5 m/s that gives to tourists will enjoy all views of Zagreb and its sights. Besides the funicular so was pleasant to guests and residents of the capital of Croatia that its appearance was decided not to be changed at all since 1890. Thus, the sight received the status of the protected monument of culture of Zagreb. Do not forget to visit this unique place of Zagreb, and will enjoy a smart view of the city.

Sight lake Yarun. Zagreb

The lake Yarun is the popular vacation spot of inhabitants and tourists of Zagreb. It is possible to visit this sight at all seasons of the year, however it enjoys the greatest popularity during the summer period when it is possible to enjoy bathing in crystal-clear water. However swimming on the lake by the boat and windsurfing enjoys special popularity. Perhaps, this sight is the best place for passive rest in Zagreb.

Sights of Zagreb
This article will acquaint you with the best sights of Zagreb. Information is interestingly stated and pleasantly issued by photos of the best tourist places of Zagreb.
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Date Published: 04/08/2016
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