Sights of Tallinn

Sights of Tallinn Places to Go

Sights of Tallinn

Tallinn – the city with rich history and rich cultural heritage. A huge number of sights present the tourist with a choice which is difficult for making. In this article we will acquaint you only with the best and popular tourist places of Tallinn therefore it will be much simpler to you to solve, where to go and what sights to see in the capital of Estonia.

It is a little about sights of Tallinn

Set of beautiful streets of the Old city are the ideal place to start travel across Tallinn. The well-groomed capital of Estonia is often called “small Prague, the harmonious combination of old churches and medieval sights bear to the capital of the Czech Republic in a miniature a strong resemblance. Such cult architectural monuments of Tallinn as the Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky and the highest building of medieval Europe – Saint Olaf’s church, are the most popular among tourists. Travelers from around the world fell in love with Tallinn for its fascinating atmosphere and medieval fabulousness. In round on sights of the capital of Estonia surely walk on the Estonian museum under the open sky, you descend in the Tallinn zoo, go on picnic to the country and just enjoy a sunny day in the Botanical garden of Tallinn.

The old city – the center of sights of Tallinn

Old city. Tallinn

Streets of historic center of Tallinn traditionally are in the center of attention of most of tourists. It and is not strange, in this part of the capital the main sights are concentrated. It is interesting to know that since XI century, the Old city was divided by a huge wall into two areas: Holm Toompea was the region of the aristocracy and nobility while Nizhny Novgorod the city was for ordinary inhabitants, and nothing from Holm Toompea depended. Unlike other parts of Tallinn, the Old city with all its sights very well remained. It was promoted in many respects by excellent defensive stone towers which also enjoy popularity among guests of the capital of Estonia. It is enough to take usual walking tour on streets of the Old city completely to enjoy views of Tallinn. The real pearl of this area is Town Hall Square surrounded with medieval sights and a big town hall. Here still the oldest drugstore of Tallinn which date of opening was in 1422 functions. Also here the best instructions of Estonia are located: magnificent cathedrals, galleries, churches, theaters and a set of other sights which cannot simply be described – them need to be seen with own eyes.

The Kadriorgsky palace and park – refined sight of Tallinn

Kadriorgsky palace and park

The beautiful pink baroque palace Kadriorg was the summer residence of the Russian tsar Peter I, and today it is proud stands in the center of the sea suburb of the capital where everything is built up with magnificent country houses and summer estates. Today this sight of Tallinn is used for display of foreign collections of the Estonian art museum where exhibitions of thousands of works of the Western European and Russian artists of the 16-20th century are traditionally held. Also this architectural pride of Tallinn holds grandiose exhibitions, since engravings and pictures, and finishing with a sculpture and furniture. In the palace also there take place various concerts, theatrical representations, lectures and even formal receptions. The special attention should be paid to the park surrounding sight. It is the most popular center of entertainments of Tallinn. During the summer period you will be able to admire beautiful gardens, the Swan lake, and also well-groomed meadows and a forest grove therefore the park is adored both locals, and tourists.

Saint Olaf’s church – unique sight of Tallinn

Saint Olaf's church

The instruction of architecture passed very difficult historical way from 1267 to our time. Unique it because in the years of the blossoming (the beginning of the 16th century), its height made 159 meters, surprising for that time. It also glorified Saint Olaf’s church for the whole world. However history set it a set of tests, the first happened in 1625 when the ruthless fire much more truncated sight height. Since then lightnings which caused the shattering fires often got to it. At the moment the church has nearly 124 meta, however the glory is remembered “its times” and presently. Surely visit the highest building of the capital of Estonia – unique church of Saint Olaf.

The Estonian museum under the open sky – national sight of Tallinn

Estonian museum under the open sky. Tallinn

On picturesque forest open spaces of the gulf of Copley the excellent museum under the open sky was stretched. Here the collection of historical rural constructions of the different regions of Estonia remained. Thus, they represent rural life of ordinary peasants throughout centuries. But the main exhibits are buildings, the former farms of different centuries. It is possible to allocate the most impressive buildings as wind and water-mills, and also wooden lodges. Organizers often organize various actions and programs in which offer a pleasant and informative way to avoid noise and vanity of city life. Huge advantage of this sight of Tallinn is the folk music and dances, and also national holidays. You will hardly be able to see it still somewhere in Tallinn therefore come to the Estonian museum under the open sky, and remember that here are always glad to you.

Sights of Tallinn
In this article the interesting and useful information about the main sights of Tallinn is collected. Also photos of sights of the beautiful capital of Estonia are attached to article.
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Date Published: 04/09/2016
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