Sights of Strasbourg

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Sights of Strasbourg

Narrow German streets and magnificent French architecture create the, unique atmosphere inherent only in Strasbourg. Characteristic of the city is the set of architecture-independent areas. “Small France” and the Old city are the most interesting.

Cathedral of Strasbourg – a historical instruction

Cathedral of Strasbourg

This cathedral is one of the best examples of a medieval European gothic style. Since the XVI century more than 200 years it was considered as the highest construction in the world! At the moment the cathedral of Strasbourg is included into 10 highest churches of the world and towers on 142 meters. The tremendous interior and appearance of modern sight is result of features of cultures of two people.

Besides tremendous sculptures and the atmosphere, the cathedral has an astronomical clock which showed orbits of Earth, Mercury and Saturn, thanks to the special mechanism. It was used also as an counting point for many holidays. Try to visit this monument in the summer as here hold regular festivals of classical music, and the cathedral plays a cloth role for a son of lumiere!

The palace Rokhan – the known sight of Strasbourg

This architectural sight is one of the most visited tourist places of the city. The palace is custom-made in Baroque style of the bishop Strasbourgsky, the palace at once found the famous visitors. Here often Louis XV, Marie Antoinette stopped, and also long time Napoleon Bonaparte lived in this palace of Strasbourg. Some rooms were remade on its taste. In 1828 there lived the king Charles X Frantsuzsky here. For such popularity among the famous and influential people, locals called Rokhan “small Versailles”.

In the territory of the palace 3 museums, including the museum of fine arts, popular among tourists, work. Today many rooms were carefully reconstructed under the personal museums of the famous visitors. It is just that case when the sight is famous for the guests more. However you should not forget that you will be able to walk on a unique stone terrace with a handrail of handwork on which Napoleon and the king of France walked in due time.

Mansion Kammertsel – an unusual gothic style of Strasbourg

Strasbourg. Palace photo Rokhan

The mansion Kammertsel is one of the most surprising constructions which reached up to now in perfect tune. The sight, rare in a form and style, is executed in style of late Gothic architecture. It is constructed in 1427, Kammertsel was twice reconstructed, however managed to keep the primitive shape. Today here the restaurant is located, decorated with frescos of the artist Leo Shnuga, famous in Strasbourg. Surely enter a mansion Kammertsel in the list of sights.

Kleber Square – the center of Strasbourg

Kleber Square – one of the main tourist places of the city. Here constantly the crowd of tourists, however closely here never happens. Big Square is called in honor of the French general Jean-Baptiste Kleber. The sight is in historic center of Strasbourg and is included in the list of heritage of UNESCO. In the territory of the area there is also a small palace, and also a statue of the general Kleber which became the real republican symbol of France.

Museum of fine arts. Sight of Strasbourg

Strasbourg. Mansion photo Kammertsel

This museum is the most known and popular among tourists. Collections of works of local artists of the 19th century found considerable popularity presently and are the main exhibits of the museum. The state grants and donations of foreign collectors made the museum one of the richest in France! Thanks to patrons of Strasbourg full collections of the famous artists of Francesco Guardi, Tomasa de Queyzera and others were collected. Unusual displays, special effects and creative approach to the presentations served huge interest from tourists.

Other sights of Strasbourg

The Museum of Modern Art – the bright museum with a glass facade and ultramodern interior design impresses with big collections of works of Monet, Signac, Picasso, Magritte and Klimt. Also there is a library of art, a concert hall and even restaurant. You come – you will not be disappointed. The Saint church of Magdalene – the big Gothic church XV of century which endured war and destruction, but after all managed to enter the list of the best sights of Strasbourg. The museum Notre Dame is known thanks to rich collections of unique works of the local sculptors who did not receive due glory during lifetime.

Sights of Strasbourg
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Date Published: 03/31/2016
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