Sights of Geneva

Sights of Geneva Places to Go

Sights of Geneva

Geneva – one of the most ancient and beautiful cities of Europe. There are a lot of unsurpassed sights which history contains hundreds of years. But to choose what to visit and where to go, happens very difficult therefore in our article you will be able to get acquainted only with the most interesting and beautiful sights of Geneva.

The Geneva fountain – unique sight

Geneva fountain

In Geneva the biggest fountain in the world is located. Speed of water flow makes 500 liters a second. Height by which water rises makes 140 meters; speed of a stream makes 200 km/h. The fountain was initially created for dumping of pressure on the river Rhone. To look at such surprising emissions of water in air, thousands of residents of Geneva gathered. It so was pleasant to people that in 1891 the decision to create the constant fountain was made. Now it is one of the main tourist places of the city. At night the fountain is poured by different flowers of lamps, believe, it looks very beautifully. Lately it became the most popular place of meetings of lovers. You will not be able just to pass this sight.

St. Peter’s Cathedral – ancient sight of Geneva

The fine architectural monument reached us since 1160. The strong and unusual sight of Geneva is absolutely unique. The matter is that years went, the authorities changed, each of which left the mark on St. Peter’s Cathedral. Initially it was the Catholic cathedral, but with arrival of Protestants in 1536, the cathedral was cleared of altars and statues. Also the furniture and pictures was replaced, but the facade remained is untouched. So, in 9 centuries, the sight united in itself Romance, Gothic and neoclassical styles, but it causes in tourists of Geneva only admiration. The sight has one special place. There is it at top of a northern tower. If you rise there, then you will be delighted simply. To you the panoramic view not only of Geneva, but also of Lake Geneva will open. Only do not forget to take with yourself the camera.

Patek Philippe the museum – sight and pride of Geneva

Museum Patek Philippe

This remarkable place is one of the most popular among tourists. In the museum collections of hours of the 16-19th centuries are presented. The based sight in 1839 when the fashion at refined o’clock was in the heat. At that time masters from Geneva were one of the most skillful and requested. Now guests and residents admire their creations. Tourists are surprised how they so masterly managed to create such difficult mechanisms with moving parts and details. Also you are convinced of skill of creators of the hours of the 16-19th centuries, best in the world, visit the museum Patek Philippe in Geneva.

Sight Novaya Square (Place Neuve) – the center of cultural heritage of Geneva

Novaya Square (Place Neuve)

Sight Novaya Square (Place Neuve) – the center of cultural heritage of Geneva. Novaya Square is one of the most beautiful places of Geneva. It enjoys special popularity also among tourists whose most begin the way on sights with Novaya Square. From here you will be able quickly to get to the Old city or to admire medieval monuments of architecture: The Bolshoi Theatre of Geneva, Conservatory or Rat the museum – the place of grandiose art exhibitions. The sight is especially interesting to fans of the European architectural esthetics which obvious example is the huge statue of the legendary Swiss general Henri Dufour. He was the first creator of the map of Switzerland. Very few people know that he was also the chairman of the First Geneva convention (1864). Also Henri Dufour was dear person in Geneva and just very much loved this city. For it to it also erected a monument on one of the most beautiful areas of Switzerland. The sight Novaya Square is one of the best tourist places of Geneva who surely should be visited.

The museum of art and history – one of the best sights of Geneva

Museum of art and history

Visit of this museum perfectly will be suitable for all tourists. Excursion will be fascinating both for children, and for the adults who are not really interested in art. And all because the sight is shared into three parts, each of which symbolizes a certain stage of development of the western art. All three parts supplement each other and make a whole. The museum of art and history in Geneva was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century (1903-1910). In it more than 7000 Roman, Greek, Egyptian and even Etruscan archeological finds and artifacts are collected. The most part of collections is made by masterpieces of the fine arts of an era of the Renaissance (the XIV—XVI centuries) and painting of our times. Also this sight of Geneva has unique works of masters of arts and crafts of the 11-19th centuries.

The Palace of Nations (UN) – worldfamous sight of Geneva

Palace of Nations (UN)

It is one of the most visited sights of Geneva. Management of the UN was opened in Geneva in 1966 after dissolution of League of the Nations. The sight is the largest center of the organization after headquarters in New York. Tourists are attracted here not so much by purpose of this architectural masterpiece and a magnificent interior of the Palace of Nations, an opportunity to look at the peacocks running around a construction is so much. The matter is that this sight of Geneva is located in the territory of park Ariana and adjoins to century trees on which peacocks spend the night. In the afternoon they fearlessly walk across all territory of a palace complex. Peacocks were not protected because of a request of the former owner of land. He wished that birds could run freely on the platforms. Tourists of Geneva are given an opportunity to resemble rooms of the Palace and to look at exhibitions of gifted artists which settle down in huge halls of sight. Enjoys also wide popularity usual walks on territories and rest under century trees in an environment of peacocks.

Sights of Geneva
Get acquainted with the best tourist sights and interesting places of Geneva in our article. Information is pleasantly issued and supplied with photos of Geneva.
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Date Published: 04/09/2016
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