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Sights of Vienna

Sights of Vienna are a cultural property of the World. During all historical periods Vienna was one of the most important and influential cities of Europe. All main cultural and scientific events surely took place in the capital of Austria. Still It is necessary to tell that the geographical position of the city played a huge role its stories. It is located between the North and the South of Europe, Vienna and today play a role of important cultural, political and scientific center.

Sight of Hofburg – the imperial palace of Vienna

Hofburg. Sight of Vienna

Hofburg is one of the most massive and recognizable places of the city therefore it is the main reference point of any round on Vienna. However it is not the only plus of this monument of architecture. More than 700 years it was the place of a meeting of the government, and also the residence of a family Gabsburgov. The sight is very known and esteemed by the Austrians as is of great historical value. Besides, in the foreground we see one more original tourist value of Vienna – an equestrian statue of the commander of the Sacred Roman Empire Evgeny Savoysky.

Throughout centuries in architecture of sight a large amount of styles and currents was weaved, however all of them harmoniously supplement each other and make unique impression only just seeing Hofburga!

Saint Stephen’s cathedral – pride of Vienna!

St Stephen’s cathedral – one of the first constructions then still small Vienna which can rejoice a sight rank. Perhaps, in all Europe not to find a religious monument which would be recognized as a national symbol of the country. This Gothic masterpiece towers more than on 136 m over the earth in the downtown. It should be noted, the construction is dated the middle of the 12th century and is one of the oldest churches of the world. The sight of Vienna has unique icons and artifacts of Catholic church.

Saint Stephen's cathedral. Sight of Vienna

The entrance to a cathedral free, however, for visit of a tower and catacombs is raised a symbolical payment. By the way, in catacombs under Saint Stephen’s church carry still out burials of the high-ranking hierarches.

Heroes Square. Vienna

Heroes Square – one of the most known squares of the capital of Austria. For boards Gabsburgov large-scale parades and military processions were carried out here. The area is part of the uniform project of the residence Hofburg. However special popularity it was brought by Adolf Hitler who in 1938 before thousands of the Austrians declared inclusion of Austria in structure of Germany. This event left a noticeable historical print at Heroes Square.

The building of the Austrian parliament (Vienna) – a combination of style and taste!

This magnificent construction is included into the informal list of the most beautiful sights of Europe. Its construction lasted only 9 years, but it did not prevent the most talented sculptors to create the real architectural masterpiece. More than 100 magnificent rooms, including chambers of the Federation Council and National council. It is interesting to know that the building is built in style, popular in the 19th century, – the neogreek. The real highlight of the Austrian parliament in Vienna is the sculptural composition of Athena together with the fountain. The sight is open for visitors, free entrance.

Freud’s museum. Sight of Vienna

The most famous resident of the capital of Austria faultlessly is doctor Siegmund Freud. In due time it made the real revolution in studying of psychology. The museum is one of the most popular and visited in the country! And it is not strange, a number of antiquarian and personal belongings of the famous psychologist exactly here is built. You will also be able to look at rare photos and memorable things of Siegmund Freud. In souvenir office the best editions of its books, and also copies of its personal photos are on sale.

Heroes Square. Sight of Vienna

Vienna. Sight the Belvedere – luxury, wealth and rococo

The belvedere is the magnificent sight in style of rococo consisting of two separate mansions. They are created at the beginning of the 18th century, however up to now reached practically in an integrity and safety. By estimates of many experts, the palace complex of Vienna is the richest and impressive. Within the walls of sight the best examples of the Austrian medieval art are located. Collections include Klimt’s masterpieces, and also Schiele and Kokoschka, Renoir and Mone’s well-known works. Exhibitions of art of baroque are presented in Nizhny Novgorod the palace. Only originals of pictures are represented in collections!

Vienna state opera

The Vienna opera has in the repertoire about 100 operas, operettas and ballets which please visitors every day from September to June. The sight is constructed at the beginning of the 18th century. Since then here the fantastic and romantic atmosphere reigns. All judges fine, the prices here rather low will be able to enjoy performance. If to you carries, then you will be able to see joint New Year’s performance of the state opera with the Vienna philharmonic orchestra.

Sights of Vienna
Here you learn about the best elements of cultural heritage of Vienna, about its sights! Fascinating information is stated in easy style and supported with colourful photos of Vienna.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 04/09/2016
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