Sights of Valencia

Sights of Valencia Places to Go

Sights of Valencia

Valencia has a huge number of interesting and various sights. This article is designed for the tourist who decided not to limit the rest to standard travel from travel agencies. Without a certain plan of travel, without any knowledge of Valencia it will be very difficult to orient and make tour across the city.
In this case you will be come to the rescue by our article. She will acquaint you with the best sights of Valencia, will tell about interesting tourist places and will show, the architecture of the cultural capital of Spain is how various and unusual.

Sanct Vicente’s (Valencia) crypt – sight not for the faint-hearted

Sanct Vicente's crypt

Perhaps, it sounds strange, but the crypt of the martyr Vicente is one of the most popular tourist places of Valencia. First of all, people are attracted by an opportunity to receive thrills and mass of adrenaline. The matter is that the crypt of Sankt-Vicente which is under church was prison for patrons of Valencia earlier. Others would abandon this place, but only not the authorities of Valencia long ago. They managed to make the real sight of this abandoned place.
First, they thought up the intriguing and fascinating story of this crypt, secondly made the excellent decision from introduction of audiovisual round which presents to tourists ancient history of Valencia, sees off through altars of vestgot, Muslim artifacts and the Roman frescos. All this together with gloomy “atmospheric” lighting played a crucial role in involvement of visitors. Already several years sight enjoy wide popularity among thrill-seekers and just curious tourists.

The city of arts and science – No. 1 sight of Valencia

City of arts and science

After visit of this architectural sight you will have only bright and unforgettable impressions. In
This masterpiece is the huge futuristic educational complex constructed by the famous Spanish architect of Santiago Calatavr. In such grandiose project he managed to unite the image of future “space age” with skeletons of animals. All city consists of 5 parts, different in mission. The first part is occupied by the opera hall. Improbable acoustics and regular performances of world stars made it one of the most prestigious halls of the opera in Europe. The second part is occupied by the largest sea park in Europe. Improbable abundance of water flora and fauna will force you to remain here at several o’clock. The following part of this sight of Valencia is up-to-date IMAX 3D movie theater which main objective – to entertain you. In the museum of science examples of the best achievements of modern science are collected. In the greenhouse both the known, and unique species of plants from different corners of the Planet are collected.

Miguelete tower. Valencia

The following architectural sight is one of the few high-rise constructions in this the Region of Valencia. It gives a huge gain of visitors, each tourist wants to photograph a panoramic view of the city from a tower. Miguelete tower completely remained from the moment of construction (XVI). The sight can brag of unique design and convenient location. So you never pass it in the Valencia tour.

Valencia. Plaza de Toros – important national sight

Plaza de Toros

Constructed in the middle of the 19th century, Plaza de Toros is the most beloved vacation spot and entertainments. This magnificent arena already hundreds of years traditionally gives to people a charge of positive emotions and adrenaline. Tens of thousands of people annually visit sight that on own eyes to see bullfight. This unforgettable show for certain will become the brightest and most interesting event on your rest. During fight on the arena the surprising atmosphere which unites thousands of people around a national holiday reigns. Bullfight is considered very important holiday, the embodiment of spirit of the Spanish people. Plaza de Toros – one of the main arenas in Spain so it is very important to visit her, being in Valencia tour.

Plaza de Ayuntamento – a pearl of Valencia

Plaza de Ayuntamento

Plaza de Ayuntamento is one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of Valencia. Here the best examples of the Spanish architecture are located. Some sights just strike with the unusual uniforms and non-standard approach of architects. In other words, Plaza de Ayuntamento is the center of cultural heritage of Valencia. The most known and visited sight is the City town hall which still serves as the residence for city government. It is constructed in modernist style. It is interesting to know that this area is recognized as one of the purest and beautiful in Europe.

Sights of Valencia
Exhaustive information on sights of Valencia only at us. Also you will be able to see photos in which some city sights of Valencia are collected.
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Written by: inkas
Date Published: 04/09/2016
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